No, the DNC Did Not ‘Take Religion Back’ for America

No, the DNC Did Not ‘Take Religion Back’ for America August 2, 2016

As I scanned through my news feed this morning, I came across a Huffington Post blog article by Elizabeth Drescher, titled “DNC Convention Takes Religion Back For America.”  Admittedly, I was caught off-guard, since I’m pretty sure I watched most of the convention and didn’t feel like it was dominated by religious references.  Sure, there were some, as there always is when politicians are courting religious groups.  We heard personal stories about going to church by Chelsea and Hillary Clinton, as well as references to prayer or God peppered in by several speakers, but surely nothing like you’d hear from Republicans who wave the Bible in our faces every chance they get.

So I began reading the HuffPo blog piece, and there it was.  “Love.”  Yes, there were plenty of references to love in the DNC festivities.  As Drescher mentions, there were “regular outbursts of ‘Love Trumps Hate!’ chants, as well as broader expressions of love of country, love of neighbors, and love of others in the world.”

Drescher goes on to somehow equate the expression of love with progressive Christianity.  What?  Christians have a monopoly on love?  So advocating love is somehow a religious expression?  Sorry, Elizabeth, but love not only predates religion, it is evident in other species and is not inherently religious, much less Christian.  You can’t just claim fundamental human emotions as part of your religion and take them over.  That’s not how it works.

Image credit: iStock
Image credit: iStock

A much stronger argument would be that so many mentions of love served as more of an anti-Trump rhetoric as anything else.  I can only assume that was the strategy, and an effective one at that, as we learned about Clinton’s 9-point lead in the polls post-convention.  But it sure as hell wasn’t an appeal to religion.

If Democrats were attempting to secure the label as the new religious party, then I would bet someone would have corrected Hillary Clinton’s speech before it made it to prime time, when she referred to the National Motto as e pluribus unum, rather than In God We Trust.


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  • LostLoonie

    A certain segment of the christian population in this country likes to take ownership of the concepts they approve of. For example; patriotism, ethics, morality and truth.