A Catholic Tried to Tell Me STD Outbreaks are Caused by Atheism

A Catholic Tried to Tell Me STD Outbreaks are Caused by Atheism August 4, 2016

When you remove your palm from your face, I’ll give you the story.  Ready?

A few days ago, I published a story about the Good News Club and how FFRF Maine is calling them out on their lack of transparency, specifically in regards to their permission slips.  Often times, I’ll share posts like this in related Facebook groups to generate some discussion.  Among the groups I post to is “From Religion to Reason.”

Today a Catholic, who was either trolling or lost, my guess is the former, commented on my story with this gem (names have not been redacted as this is a public group):


Yes, I took the bait.  I figured this would just be your run-of-the-mill religious bigot, until this gem happened:


That’s one angle I’ve never come across, and one of the most horrible examples of non sequitur I’ve ever encountered.  I’ve posted the full exchange below.  Feel free to visit the thread and join the fun if you’d like!




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