A Catholic Tried to Tell Me STD Outbreaks are Caused by Atheism

A Catholic Tried to Tell Me STD Outbreaks are Caused by Atheism August 4, 2016

When you remove your palm from your face, I’ll give you the story.  Ready?

A few days ago, I published a story about the Good News Club and how FFRF Maine is calling them out on their lack of transparency, specifically in regards to their permission slips.  Often times, I’ll share posts like this in related Facebook groups to generate some discussion.  Among the groups I post to is “From Religion to Reason.”

Today a Catholic, who was either trolling or lost, my guess is the former, commented on my story with this gem (names have not been redacted as this is a public group):


Yes, I took the bait.  I figured this would just be your run-of-the-mill religious bigot, until this gem happened:


That’s one angle I’ve never come across, and one of the most horrible examples of non sequitur I’ve ever encountered.  I’ve posted the full exchange below.  Feel free to visit the thread and join the fun if you’d like!




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  • cheatara

    wow… I had no clue homosexuality was newfangled…I kinda thought it existed for all of man kind…primate kind…mammal kind…you get the idea.

    • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

      Aminul-kind!!!! 😉

    • The first epic (Gilgamesh) has man on man action. So, not new.

      • cheatara

        Uhhg, I hated gilgamesh all 3 times I was expected to read it.

        But, yea, that was kinda my point…homosexuality has always existed.

  • The_Wretched

    hrm, looks like standard projection / intentional obfuscation. I don’t remember where but I saw an article in the last week or so about STD / teen pregnancy and related issues rising due to the combined problems on abstinence only sex-ed and schools dropped sex-ed entirely due to the fights and costs for the classes.

    The evidence is that without scientific / medically valid sex-ed, a host of social ills happen. The catholic troll was doing the standard right wing trick of accusing your foes of that which you do. They seem to think it creates a moral parity or that they are superior.

    As you rightly noted, citation please

    • Anna

      Official government statistics in the UK show that teenage pregnancies are now less than half of what they were in 1971. The religious lobby fought, and lost, the battle for non-judgmental sex education. They also tried to block the provision of the ‘morning after pill’ for minors and – get this: when a nation wide project that visited schools to offer schoolgirls vaccination against cervical cancer was introduced, Catholic schools refused on the grounds that cervical cancer was linked to ‘promiscuity’, i.e. sex outside marriage. Presumably the message was that Catholic women have to be terrified into virtue.

      Edit for clarity

  • Tony D’Arcy

    Luckily for us atheists, the religious are ALWAYS on the wrong side of the argument when it comes to the real world and logical discussion.

    From their point of view, God created the universe and every single thing in it ? Am I right or am I right ? That would of course include the various micro-organisms which cause STDs ? Excuse me whilst my head bangs the table.

    • Robert Templeton

      Ah, but you forget….


      It is the “God gets out of blame” card for anything bad. I have completely given up on attempting to use anything to convince totally deluded religidiots of anything. You can’t. There is always a way to finagle an excuse that perfectly explains their view and wins the day (every – single – time). Look at Ken Ham. Nothing you can show, say, prove, evidence will change his view and mind (what’s left of it). Pitiful.

      • DanD

        It can be funny to try to get them to explain the “God created Satan” bit. Admittedly it usually comes down to “free will”, ignoring the fact that a perfect creator could create a being that didn’t rebel despite free will.

  • Anne Fenwick

    It’s true that he doesn’t understand how the ACA works, but even if he did, he would have to come up with the evidence to get that opt-out. I rather suspect the evidence would not go his way in the first place.

  • Dom S

    The stupidity from that guy is almost hilarious. Like, “Over 9000” levels of ignorance. Wow.

    • Martin Penwald

      I’ll say it is pretty exceptional. My problem is that I have difficulties to believe that people can be that blind and that he is not just a poe.

  • lady_black

    How about an “opt-out” for paying for his freaking breeding? My “lifestyle” (post menopausal) won’t cause me to need that./s