AHA Director Calls for More Atheist Politicians

AHA Director Calls for More Atheist Politicians August 5, 2016
Image credit: Speckhardt's Twitter page
Image credit: Speckhardt’s Twitter page

Roy Speckhardt, the Executive Director of the American Humanist Association, called for more openly nontheist politicians in a piece published today on the Huffington Post’s website.  Referring to the recent DNC email scandal that exposed a discussion about outing Bernie Sanders as an atheist, Speckhardt says:

Instead of being discouraged by this scandal, nontheists should see the event as a much needed call to action.

He’s absolutely right.  In order to remove the stigma that accompanies the “a-word,” we need to be more open about our atheism as a group, showing that lack of belief in the supernatural is actually something to admire rather than something to admonish.  Basing our belief system on rationalism and evidence is an educated position and should be applauded.

The more we can put a positive face on atheism, with campaigns like #NormalizeAtheism and similar efforts, the better off our marginalized group, and our nation as a whole, will be.


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  • Nemo

    Do we need more atheist politicians? Yes and no. Atheism, no more than any religious belief, is not a qualification for office, unless the religious alternative is incapable of governing in a neutral way. I wouldn’t vote for Trump if he were to come out as an atheist, nor would anyone reading this (I hope). I would vote for the candidate that I believe has the best platform.