One Year After Due Date, Grayson is Thriving, No Thanks to Angry Christians

One Year After Due Date, Grayson is Thriving, No Thanks to Angry Christians August 8, 2016

Last year, back when I was writing for, our son Grayson was born 12 weeks early and so began the scariest time in our lives.  He was due to be born on July 23rd, but arrived just after midnight on April 27th instead.  Weighing in at 2 pounds, 7 ounces, he was rushed straight to our local neonatal intensive care unit, where he lived until early July.  He was tiny to say the least, and slowly but surely overcame every obstacle sent his way, getting bigger and stronger each week, until finally proving healthy enough to come home.

Grayson in his NICU bed
Grayson in his NICU bed

Throughout the more than two month stay in the hospital, we were thankfully supported by many friends and family members who passed along their well-wishes, words of encouragement, and offers of help.  But during this time, we were also inundated with offers of prayer and even thanks to God for Grayson’s progress.  Many of these appeals to a deity were from those who know that my wife and I are atheists.  Although I graciously accepted the verbal support each time, the frequency of such and disregard for our own belief system weighed on me.  As a means of finding an outlet for my frustration, I published An Atheist’s Open Letter to Those Praying for His Son.

Much to my surprise, the post was shared thousands of times across multiple social networks and a fundraiser was launched after offers to help began coming in.  Thanks to an outpouring of support, mainly from the secular community, $10,000 was raised for Grayson’s medical costs, family expenses, and a start to his college fund — something for which I’ll be forever grateful.

The article not only made the rounds in the secular community, but it also found its way on Christian sites as well. When that happened, the comment section exploded.  I would estimate that more than half of the comments from Christians were an attempt to either explain the purpose of prayer, teach me about their religion, or explain God’s plan for me and my family.  Thanks but no thanks.  You missed the point.

The rest of the comments from Christians were a combination of respectful acknowledgements of my situation peppered with an assortment of very angry outbursts telling me what a terrible person I am.  And that’s when some of the most heartless comments I’ve ever received on the internet started coming in.

My logic and scientific knowledge do not allow me to give you my hard earned money. Logically it would not benefit me.

What a total bitch.

This is just a rant to rally the non-believers behind you to get money for your kid. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you is “missing the point” or a “religious fanatic”- that’s simply not true.  However- I can say this, Kevin I think you’re a dick.

Oh I’ll find this fucker.

I hope your stabbed you dumb bitch.

They will find you! Lol but seriously it has happened I’d be careful.

And then this gem, which led me to block the IP and research where it originated:

You and your family will get what they deserve, trust me. People are going to retaliate and its not good to put out information anybody can easily find you just through a search.

Did you seriously just threaten a baby in an incubator?

Anyway, I’m overjoyed to share that one year after Grayson’s original due date, he’s a happy, healthy little boy with no serious lasting issues from being born prematurely.  He’s still catching up to his age in development, which is normal, but he’ll get there.  So again, my sincere thanks goes out to the secular community for their expressions of love and support when we needed it most (and to some religious readers as well).  The encouragement and support we received from those who do good things because they’re the right thing to do (not because they’ll be rewarded) still brings a tear to my eye over a year later.

The kid likes to party.
The kid likes to party.



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  • LostLoonie

    You have a beautiful, happy boy.
    Congratulations to Grayson for choosing such great parents.

  • Arthur

    I’m glad your son is doing well.

    Those believers who are led to threats just show their true colors. Sad that they hide behind a bible and promise of eternal reward/threat of eternal punishment, rather than just being who they are.

  • CTOH

    Wow. So Christ-Like of them.

    • Annerdr

      Precisely, assuming the baby in the incubator is a fig tree…

    • Hef Wannabe

      I grew up Christian, and you wouldn’t believe what I have seen. And, I even “blush” that I was ever one of them. So, glad that I walked away and found un-belief. I’ve been more honest, nicer, kinder, more understanding, and hell of lot less dogmatic since becoming an atheist. Glad I left. I’m probably more “Christ-like” now than I ever was back then. {Grin …}

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    I’m so happy for you and your little boy! And I am sorry that there are those who can only respond with anger and hatred — especially since they purport to follow a belief system of peace and love. I know a little of this. My husband passed this past February — he was atheist and I am a Zen Buddhist (no theism necessary). People were upset with me because I did not get a priest for final rites, nor did I do a traditional Rosary and Mass (he was raised Catholic). Thankfully, it did not raise to this level of intense anger and hatred.

  • JD Storm

    makes me happy that your kid is doing so much better. with you as an example, your son stands a good chance of being an excellent member of society.

  • Anne Fenwick

    I’m happy for Grayson. Instead of prayers, I hope people offer their political support for free at point of use medical care for all pregnant women and children at the very least. I’d do it myself, but I’m in the electorate where we have to offer political support for fair pay and conditions for medical personnel (works like gratitude,and then some).

  • Joe

    I’m glad Grayson is doing well. God wouldn’t care, but we do.

  • Hef Wannabe

    Glad your son is doing well. I am so sorry that you had to put up with Christians really showing you the love of Christ … sounds more like the “Burn” from the Devil. Well, whatever, you’ll never have to worry about getting smited, because, if God doesn’t have time to heal amputees, then He sure doesn’t have enough time to search you out and put hard challenges in your life to pay you back. Oooooppppsss, guess the Christians would say that’s why this happened to you.

    So, I just always have to grin and let it go. You’d think they mean well, but they sure have a DEVILISH WAY of showing that. And, I thought they were supposed to love all of us like themselves. But, I know how they are; I grew up in Church and witnessed exactly what you said above: millions of times to the point that I became an Atheist.

    Proud to be in your Community. Hope you son gets better and stays better. Be so thankful to Science.

  • Pennybird

    So many preemies are able to thrive now through modern medical technology, and not so much prayer. If any of those ugly Christians had to choose one over the other, I wonder which way they’d go?

    It’s good to see your little boy looking so happy and energetic. Enjoy every one of those yogurt & cereal messes!

  • slripk

    This is a perfect example of why religions are scary and dangerous. Your baby is adorable!

  • Deryl Fisher

    Cute little fart.

  • Sandra

    So glad that baby Grayson is thriving. Happy birthday to him!
    He is very cute and looks like a real happy kid.
    I can totally relate to your experience- I am an Atheist who also had a micro-preemie (My daughter Laylana weighed 2 pounds, 3 oz).
    The barrage of religious platitudes we received during the 2 months she was in NICU was unrelenting and really wore on me.

    Laylana is now a healthy, intelligent, creative 13 year old 🙂