Bryan Fischer: Atheists and Pro-Choice Advocates Unqualified to be Judges

Bryan Fischer: Atheists and Pro-Choice Advocates Unqualified to be Judges September 21, 2016

Posterboy for the Religious Right and theocrat Bryan Fischer recently stuck his foot in his mouth on his radio show again, while opining on who is and is not qualified to be a judge in the American legal system.

No one is qualified to sit on any bench… at any level… who does not believe in a creator, does not believe that the creator is the source of all of our rights, and does not believe that the very first of these rights, these legal rights, these Constitutional rights, is the right to life.

So many facepalms here.  First, Fischer seems to be claiming that the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” as given to us by a creator, is a Constitutional right.  Sorry, Bry-Bry, that’s in the Declaration of Independence — the only place a “creator” is mentioned in our founding documents.  And I can point you to several passages in the Bible (Fischer’s dream legal document) that show even God himself disagrees that everyone has a right to life.  You know, since the almighty loves killing people.

Fischer is talking about abortion in this latest vomit of nonsense, saying that if you’re not pro-life (more accurately anti-choice), then your stance is contrary to our “Constitutional” right to life.  Here’s the kicker.  Bryan Fischer is very much pro-death penalty and has said so on numerous occasions, including in the tweet below.  That would seem to contradict his earlier statement that everyone has a right to life… well, unless Bryan Fischer says you don’t.  What?

So which is it Bryan?  Did your god give people the right to life but man can take it away when they do something bad?  If so, I missed that asterisk on the ten commandments.  This is just another example of why people can’t take the Religious Right seriously anymore. It’s full of hypocritical extremists advocating theocracy when it aligns with their personal agenda, while crying persecution when someone calls them out on their bigotry.


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