Ken Ham Just Threw a Twitter Tantrum Aimed at the Washington Post

Ken Ham Just Threw a Twitter Tantrum Aimed at the Washington Post January 2, 2017

On Saturday, Vicky Hallett at the Washington Post published an article criticizing Ken Ham and his fellow “creation scientists” while introducing the pro-science documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs.  In the article, Hallett incorrectly claims that Ham’s Ark Encounter teaches visitors that dinosaurs went extinct due to the Noah’s Ark global flood 4,000 years ago.  When Ken Ham got wind of the article yesterday, he fired off a bunch of tweets at the Post to try to get them to correct the article’s false claim.

Ironically, Ken Ham has no issue with the false claims that his landlocked monstrosity of a waste of money teaches to children and the gullible.  I’m glad to see that a documentary like We Believe in Dinosaurs is in production.  My fingers are crossed that it will be a strong, convincing film.  If you’re interested in supporting it, and getting some pretty sweet perks in return, check out the film’s Indiegogo campaign.

Although Ken Ham’s twitter tantrum wasn’t even close to the meltdowns we regularly see from President-elect Donald Trump, it’s always fun to see someone who built his career on misinformation lose his mind when someone else represents him or his organization incorrectly.  It just reminds me when Ham did the exact same thing to me at the launch of Young Skeptics, writing an article about our organization entitled, “It’s Really Atheism for Kids.”  No it isn’t, dummy.

As of the publishing of this article, the Washington Post has yet to correct their statement about the Ark Encounter’s message.


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