Public Shaming Works: Joel Osteen Opens Doors to Harvey Refugees

Public Shaming Works: Joel Osteen Opens Doors to Harvey Refugees August 28, 2017

Disgustingly wealthy professional snake oil salesman Joel Osteen has faced over 48 hours of backlash after posting the following Facebook message on Saturday regarding victims of Hurricane Harvey:


So what’s the problem? Well, Osteen owns a megachurch in Houston that is not flooded, and he’s even canceled services due to the storm. So that means his ministry is in possession of a dry 16,800-seat arena that could be used as a refugee shelter to assist residents fleeing floodwaters.  Anyone remotely familiar with the tenets of Christianity should know that providing shelter to those in need is pretty high on the list of things that used to be important to Christian leaders… until they discovered television and got rich.

After facing two days of online shaming, it’s been reported that Osteen has purchased air mattresses and is preparing Lakewood Church to open its doors to those seeking shelter.  Congratulations, Joel.  You needed the internet to tell you how to be a Christian again.


Anyone who thinks Osteen is doing this out of the kindness of his heart and not to try to save his public image is fooling themselves.  Then again, anyone who buys into what Osteen is selling is a fool to begin with.

Here are some of my favorite tweets about this debacle. Enjoy!


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