Ken Ham Wants to Trick Your Kids Again This Halloween

Ken Ham Wants to Trick Your Kids Again This Halloween October 16, 2017

aig_halloweenIf you recall, last year Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis offered up these despicable dino-bucks tracts that they sold to gullible Christians to use as trick-or-treat giveaways on Halloween. The fake $1 million bills had a sweet message to kids on the back: you’re going to hell. This year, he’s decided to suck the fun out of the holiday again by offering a revisionist history lesson to the same happy, giddy children expecting candy. What a dick.

On Ham’s AiG website, Ken offers this introduction:

In just a few weeks here in America, kids will come knocking on our doors—are you ready? Halloween can present a fantastic opportunity to share the saving gospel with your friends and neighbors. And we have special gospel booklets and tracts to help you.

Yeah, that’s what will make Halloween special for kids — a booklet about Jesus. He’s so tuned into what kids are craving. I mean, who doesn’t have fun memories of coming home from trick-or-treating with your siblings, pouring your candy bag out on the table, and starting the negotiation process, trading gospel tracts with your brothers and sisters in an effort to get the one you really wanted. Man, the good old days, am I right?

What a scumbag.

Want to see what’s in the booklet? Of course you do. Here’s a preview. My favorite part is on pages 8 and 9 where he gives a swell endorsement of incest:

We are not given much information in Genesis about the wives of Noah or his three sons, but Noah’s son’s wives were busy having children after the Flood, producing a total of 16 grandsons for Noah. And then their children have children, and so on!

Grandkids banging each other. Fun!

Not only is Ken suggesting that his fellow Christians hand out his Biblical and Historical Look at Halloween booklets, he’s also encouraging his followers to “reverse trick-or-treat.” That’s right, he wants people to go door-to-door, JW-style, and hand these little recycle bin fillers out to all of their neighbors. Of course he does. I suspect this isn’t necessarily so his gospel nonsense will reach more people, but knowing Ham, it’s so he can sell more of them.

And for those who really eat this crap up, there’s a DVD version. For a special treat, here’s a clip. You’re welcome.

Finally, if you really love being THAT house in your neighborhood, you can buy a whole “Get your house egged” kit which includes the DVD, some booklets, and the awesome dino-bucks from last year! Oh man, your house is gonna smell so bad in the morning.

Happy Halloween everybody! (Unless you live near one of the gullible idiots who distributes this garbage. Then it’s gonna suck.)

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