Bakers Refusing Gays Same As Designers Snubbing Melania?

Bakers Refusing Gays Same As Designers Snubbing Melania? December 8, 2017

According to Bryan Fischer, Melania Trump’s struggle is real. In a tweet on Monday, as part of an effort to add to his stockpile of utterly short-sighted, ignorant, and flat-out stupid statements, Fischer said this:

I’m truly amazed at how much Bryan Fischer mentions sodomy on Twitter. I’d go so far to say he’s obsessed with it. If only he knew how many heterosexual couples engage in sodomy, it might cause every orifice on the man to simultaneously erupt.

Normally, responses to Fischer’s tweets go unanswered… UNLESS a reply opens the door for Fischer to drive home his point and, in his and only his mind, win the argument. Such an opportunity presented itself on Tuesday after San Franciso-based actor Chris Maltby responded with this:

Chris made a good point — that if the bakers were truly applying their religious principles to customers, then they should be applying them to every customer, which is just short of impossible. Does this mean that the bakers also don’t serve people with tattoos or who wear mixed fabrics?

Thankfully, Bryan Fischer decided to respond and make us all realize that discrimination against the LGBTQ community is exactly the same as dress designers refusing to make a dress for the First Lady:

At first glance, some might think, “Hey, he might actually have a point.” Except that he doesn’t. Refusing service to someone based on sexual orientation, something out of the customer’s control, is not the same as refusing service to someone for personal or political reasons which are controllable. That’s why we have laws to protect minorities and people with disabilities — in order to guarantee equal treatment for people at square one. What you do to earn your own exclusion from a business is on you. Fischer’s tweet was blasted with replies pointing out how wrong he was about this issue, but as usual, he turned a blind eye to the truth and walked away. Oh that confirmation bias.

Aside from that difference, a major distinction here is that Melania Trump didn’t go to designers asking for a dress and get denied service. Designers preemptively issued statements saying they were not interested in making her a dress, which was more of a statement about her husband’s politics and behavior than hers. She wasn’t directly refused service from what I can tell.

I’ll just add this to the pile.


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