ACTIVISM ALERT: Panda Express Assisting Predatory Good News Clubs

ACTIVISM ALERT: Panda Express Assisting Predatory Good News Clubs May 17, 2018

On Friday, a Panda Express in Texas will be assisting a local Good News Club with their fundraising efforts. Despite Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) being a well-funded international organization, the CEF in Corsicana, TX is partnering with a Panda Express restaurant on Friday 5/18, pocketing 20% of the fast food chain’s sales for the day to help fund local Good News Clubs.

I’ll give Panda Express the benefit of the doubt in this case. Since GNCs have been successful in duping parents for years with false advertisements and misleading permission slips, I would imagine CEF partnered with the restaurant under false pretenses. Good News Clubs are advertised as classes where kids have fun learning Bible stories and playing games. In reality, they’re hunting grounds for fundamentalists who want to convert children to their literalist version of Christianity, through fear and intimidation and tales of burning in hell for eternity.

I reached out to Panda Express through their Facebook and Twitter accounts and have yet to hear back. I’ll update this article if they respond.

I’ve never eaten at a Panda Express, and after this, I’m sure I never will.

Are you in the Corsicana, TX area and willing to demonstrate outside the restaurant? I know it’s super short notice, but even a small protest outside would be awesome. Reach out to me if you’re willing!

UPDATE (5/18 10:00 AM ET): Panda Express responded to me via Twitter last night, asking me to DM them with more information. I did. That was over 12 hours ago. No response yet.


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