Atheist Day Q and A

Atheist Day Q and A April 17, 2020



Yesterday, April 16th, was Atheist Day, and AAI celebrated it by joining the Secular Students Alliance initiative to hold an ‘Ask an Atheist’ session. There are some fine people in the Secular Students Alliance – here’s a link to their website

They manned tables and talked to people on campuses. Our part in this was to conduct a live by text Q and A on our facebook page

I must admit it was fun!

Here are some examples:


The question ‘why?’, Hanuman Dehru, isn’t just a question. 

Unlike ‘how?’, ‘where?’, ‘when?’ and ‘what?’ which can all be answered with explanations in the Natural Realm, ‘why?’ requires us to delve into the Conceptual Realm of opinion. 

What am I talking about? Well, ‘why?’ assumes there is a purpose or meaning that can be provided as an answer. There is no reason to make that assumption. 

Of course, in our daily lives, almost everything we encounter DOES have a purpose, so it’s an easy assumption to make, but that’s because most of us live in cities where almost everything we come into contact with has been purposefully made by men. 

I made a ninety second video on this here

In fact, in nature, everything has simply come about without intention. 

Thank you for your question.

Hafiz Azhar Nkutu Basalirwa: WHO CREATED YOU???

Hafiz Azhar Nkutu Basalirwa, you are making the assumption that I was ‘created’. In fact, I know that I, like all mammals, was actually born not ‘created’. What do you mean by ‘created’?

We see a lot of creation happening in the hands of craftsmen and in factories. Is that what you mean?
That certainly doesn’t apply to living organisms.

I suspect that you believe there is a creator deity who produced everything at the beginning of time. 

There is no evidence for that.

We can explain how the elements were formed, how particles assembled into stars and planets and how the great diversity of life on Earth evolved. 

There are two gaps to our understanding currently: how the universe began and how life started. We have some hypotheses (possible explanations) for those mysteries but no evidence to enable us to decide which is correct or not.

Every mystery we have ever solved has turned out to have a natural explanation, so the likelihood that there is a god at the bottom of it all is vanishingly improbable. 

Thank you for your question.


I’ll post some more later…

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