Prayer April 12, 2020

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has released a prayer in which he claims to be able to “Blow the virus away”! See it here:
“Wind! Almighty! Strong! South wind! Heat! Burn this thing! In the name of Jesus,” Copeland yells. He then blows a raspberry at the camera claiming it is the “wind of God”!

If this had been written as a comedy sketch it would probably have gotten rejected as too far fetched, but it was published on youtube by Kenneth Copeland Ministries! 

It’s one of those, ‘I don’t know whether to laugh or cry’ things. It’s so ridiculous I want to laugh, but it’s so potentially life threatening to believers that I want to cry. This preacher has over two hundred thousand followers on his channel and up to three quarters of a million viewers watch his shows. They are being duped. 

We know that prayer doesn’t work because it’s been tested. The Templeton Institute, a Christian organisation, spent $2.4m carrying out an investigation, hoping to prove the effectiveness of prayer. Their method was very scientific – they had a significantly large sample and used a double-blind technique. About a thousand postoperative cardiac patients were divided into three groups. One group was told they would be prayed for, a second group was secretly prayed for and the third group was not prayed for. There was no difference in the recovery rate of groups two and three but, the first group took longer to get well! It seems that knowing you are being prayed for is bad for your recovery! This was not the result that Templeton wanted so they have not exactly swamped the media with it…

Not only are Copeland’s followers being duped into risking their lives by relying on an ineffectual cure for covid-19 but many of them are paying him for it out of the money that they are no longer earning due to the lockdown. It makes me weep.

Why is he not being prosecuted for deception?


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