Snake oils for the mind!

Snake oils for the mind! July 15, 2020


Why do I do this active atheism?

Is it because I hate god? Silly question; you don’t believe in Zeus, do you hate him then?

Was my attitude towards god scarred by some early traumatic experience? No more than it was by Zeus – that’s another silly question!

Is it because I want to be immoral? That’s just insulting. Why do you think your god dispenses morality? Haven’t you read his book?

Is it because I want to wander through life purposelessly? Nope! I have purposes, they are to teach Science and to be a good father and member of society. 

So, why then? 

It’s because, at their worst, religions cause immense and unjustified harm to humanity. Have you ever heard of an atheist suicide bomber shouting, “There is no god!” and then blowing up a crowd of innocent civilians? 

No. I think we can all agree that would be stupid. It takes a fundamental belief to commit such atrocities. You can feel safe amongst atheists. They have no such beliefs.

Are you a Jewish man? Take a look in your pants at your mutilated penis. Why was that done to you as a newborn? To brand you with your tribe. No medical reason. 

Would you stone to death your gay son? What about your adulterous wife? Or would you give your daughter to sleep with guests as hospitality? Scriptures suggest you should…

And what about people who leave your faith, or who were born into a different religion? Should you make a big issue of it? Should you divide yourself off from them? Should you denigrate them and try to convert them? If they resist should you go to war with them?  Scriptures suggest you should…

All of this is done in the name of gods whose existence has never been demonstrated. 

So who does benefit from religion then?

The self-appointed agents, who claim to represent these gods, to whom you make regular donations.

If there is anything I hate, it’s deception. And that’s all religions have to offer. They are snake oils for the mind.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

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