Evidence Leads to Proof, or Does it?

Evidence Leads to Proof, or Does it? September 22, 2020

In a recent Facebook encounter in which an apologist claimed he had proven god, I pointed out what he actually needed was not proof but evidence, because proof is purely conceptual. See my earlier article here https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularworldbyaai/2020/07/is-there-such-a-thing-as-proof/

A fellow atheist in the discussion commented thus, “Evidence leads to proof. I can prove that gravity is real pretty easily.”

I said, “You are defining ‘proof’ as being superior to evidence.” 

Proof requires absoluteness which has not been demonstrated to exist in the natural realm. 

Absoluteness requires eternity. 

Gravity is a property of matter. 

According to our current understanding of the origin of the universe, matter has not always existed. It is not past eternal.

Therefore proof is inconsistent with gravity. 

Gravity is very well substantiated by evidence alone. 

Proof is merely conceptual…

Evidence is paramount.


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