Maybe I’m Naive…

Maybe I’m Naive… September 25, 2020

Maybe I’m naive, but I am genuinely surprised to have discovered, thanks to social media, that some people have their heads filled with poisonous hatred and suspicion. I wonder, are they seeking to discredit others as an easy alternative to making achievements of their own, or is this a mental condition?

As some of you will know, my job requires me to make video interviews with interesting atheists and to post them on the Atheist Alliance International YouTube channel. If you’ve got two and a half minutes, please watch the short montage of some of my recent work by clicking on the picture above. 

I’m proud to say that, in the last few months, I have acquired a long list of worthy interviewees who have been willing to engage with me and have given me approval to post their videos after I’ve shown them the edit. These people are pleased to have the exposure; some of them have books to sell or want their charity or their own work to be promoted, and I’m happy to offer them that opportunity.

Anyone who watches my videos will see that they are not a pulpit for me to pontificate from. On the contrary, they showcase my guests. I believe that an interviewer should be a listener more than a speaker. Of course, in order to do this, I must invite people to join me on screen. 

Enter ‘Daylight Atheism’, another blogger on this platform. He seemed to have some decent content on Twitter, so I thought he might be suitable for one of my ten minute chats (that’s a target time, they often overrun), and I issued him with an invitation. 

It turns out that he has a mission of his own! 

At this stage I need to flesh out the story with some background information. Like any large global organization, AAI has had occasional trouble with its staff. When this has happened, we’ve dealt with it speedily and disciplined the individuals or parted company with them. We’ve closed the chapter and moved on.

That’s not good enough for Mr DA. He seems to be motivated to constantly bash, denigrate and discredit! He is an unashamed dirt digging, muck spreader, and he is not squeamish about using deliberate misrepresentation to achieve that aim. Here’s an example:

According to him, I said, “My interviews are not about our organization”
What I actually said was, “As you will see, my interviews are about the guest, not about me or AAI”, and I sent him some links to my videos so that he could verify that for himself. 

To be fair though, he did publish a screenshot of my actual words while misquoting me!

I wonder how many of his readers spotted that shot in the foot…

Now that I know what he is like, his chapter has just become one of the closed ones…


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