Awesome! October 26, 2020

Actually, I don’t use the word ‘awesome’. It’s too biblical for me. I prefer ‘wonderful’ or ‘amazing’; it’s probably a Brit thing.

But just look at that picture of Arundel Castle lit by the autumn sun above the mist of the River Arun. Isn’t it fantastic? We took that photo this morning on the drive to the Rolls Royce factory where a member of our household is working.

I’m tempted to say that I ‘count my blessings’, but that is another example of the way Christianity has weedled its way into our language. These expressions are like traps to avoid. Let’s just say I’m very fortunate to live in this part of the world.

I wrote about Thieving Theists a few days ago, and something else you often hear from them is “Atheists have no sense of wonder!”

How ridiculous is that!

They are claiming that you have to worship their god (and no-one else’s god) to be able to appreciate nature and beauty!

The idea seems to be that you can only legitimately be astounded if you maintain that their non-evidential god is responsible for everything!

As a Science teacher, I contend that understanding how things really work makes for even greater amazement. Knowing the incredible size of the visible universe, for example, is more mind boggling than merely thinking it must be a bit big.

How could ignorance be preferable?

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