“Getting the virus was a blessing from god”

“Getting the virus was a blessing from god” October 8, 2020

“Getting the virus was a blessing from god” so said President Trump this morning.

Hold on! God can bless you by giving you a disease? 

That is nothing short of a revelation.

And we are supposed to trust him?

Until now, we have been trained to think that the Jesus god only deserves credit, never blame. The survivors of disasters have always thanked him for their continued life. They have never said, “That bastard has wiped out my entire family!” Those who have had life-saving surgery often thank their god more than the surgeons…

In fact, Trump likened his COVID-19 experience to “a revelation”. Did he mean that it was a revelation TO HIM? After all, he has veered from denying the existence of the virus to claiming it was ‘like the flu’. Having experienced it for himself, he now considers it to be real!

At least the responsibility (blame) is being placed at the right door, I suppose…

I feel sad for Satan. He has just joined the ranks of the redundant! What will he do now? Is he on furlough? Is he heading for the job centre? What is he qualified for? It would have to be something destructive wouldn’t it… Demolition? Car crushing? Executioner? The military?

We can be sure that Trump means the Christian god because of his photo shoot with a Bible, but I must wonder, what if it’s some other god?

Isn’t the Zulu nation entitled to believe it’s all down to Unkulunkulu? ( I wrote about him here https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularworldbyaai/2020/10/unkulunkulu-god-of-creation-or-god-of-gaps/)

His Doctors say Trump “is not out of the woods yet”. We know that this virus sometimes forges back about day ten of the infection and that’s when some fall victim to a cytokine storm and end up on a ventilator with only a 50% expectation of survival…

I hope “Getting the virus was a blessing from god” doesn’t turn out to be famous last words…


Image  Pixabay

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