NZ: an Enlightened Country…

NZ: an Enlightened Country… October 25, 2020

New Zealand has had fewer than 2000 cases of COVID 19 and only 25 deaths.

“Why is this?” I hear you asking.

Well, there are probably many factors…

NZ is a collection of islands surrounded by hundreds of miles of ocean that is a natural barrier to pathogens. 

It has a small and mostly widely dispersed population which doesn’t live in closely packed housing. 

Working from home or ‘in the outdoors’ is common. 

And they have a female Prime Minister who ‘follows the science’. 

Jacinda Ardern has just won a landslide election because she has responded superbly to events in her first term of office. It’s not just the way the COVID pandemic has been dealt with, she also handled the attack on the Christchurch mosque by a white supremacist gunman with great statesmanship and introduced tighter gun regulation. 

I wonder if this has any connection to the facts that NZ is a secular country with very low religiosity and that Jacinda herself is an ex-Mormon?


Image: Wikipedia

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