ET vs God

ET vs God November 20, 2020


In one way god is like ET.

He’s an entity that is claimed to exist. 

But in two other ways, He is not like ET…

There are sound reasons on which to base a claim for the existence of extraterrestrial life, for believing in ET. 

We know that life exists on one planet: here on Earth. We have the example of Earthlife – terrestrial life. 

And we know that there are billions of other planets like Earth so the probability is very high that Extra Terrestrial life exists elsewhere. It’s a statistical extrapolation. 

God is not like that. Unlike Earthlife, there are no observable cases of  Godlife anywhere. No single location to which we can point and say, “See? There’s some Godlife.”

We have no example of Godlife that we can extrapolate from. You can’t extrapolate from zero. 

There’s another way that God is different from ET.

We can look for ET; we can’t look for God. 

One day soon, ET may cease to be a claim and become an evidential reality. 

But we can’t investigate for God. In fact, his claimants tell us that he is undetectable. 

Given that condition, God can never attain evidentiality. 

So ET wins the credibility stakes, hands (tentacles?) down!

Image: Pixabay


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