Debunking the Answers in Genesis Pastor

Debunking the Answers in Genesis Pastor December 11, 2020

The gods were against us on the day! Because of timezone considerations, I recorded the debunking of Brian’s video, ‘Archeological Evidence for the Bible’ by historian Chris Atlee and myself (Chris is in Australia so my show goes live when he is getting the kids ready for school). However, when I tried to play it back as part of the live show, the audio didn’t go out. It seems that fullscreening a video mutes it! Why the software does that beats me! However, I uploaded the recording later – you can see it here:

Brian is a lovely fellow – I’ve met him a couple of times, and he’s had some tragedy in his life but, spoiler alert, his ‘evidence’ is really cherry picked claims to suit his presupposition that the Biblical god is the true one. There’s more about him here:

Archeology is a genuine science of course but, like all things, it can be abused! What Brian does is mostly the ‘Spiderman must be true because New York exists’ fallacy. He presents a collection of relics that show there was a literate population when the Old Testament was being written (nobody is questioning that), overlooking the fact that the existence of locations and artefacts cannot verify historic events, particularly when some of the claimed events are beyond credible – like virgin birth and rising from the dead. He commits other errors too – mismatching dates to suit his narrative and generally giving the impression that a story itself is evidence. I wrote about that tendency before here:

In other news, AAI’s ED, Michael Sherlock is doing a live Ask the ED Christmas Special, show with me on Saturday December 19th. It will go out on the AAI channel at 21:00 UK time, 4pm NY, 12 noon Pacific, and 08:00 Sydney time on Sunday 20th. Get your Christmas questions ready!

Remember, if you want to appear on our New Year’s Eve telethon, send a video of your talent to me here:

There’s much more video output coming in 2021!

For one thing, Chris Atlee has agreed to co-host a regular Ask an Atheist show with me!

See my interview with Chris here:


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