Does Your God Have a Sex?

Does Your God Have a Sex? December 17, 2020

What pronouns does your god use? She and her or he and him? Maybe they and them? 

Are you a monotheist?

If yours is the one and only god, what use is a reproductive system?

Unless your god is hermaphrodite like the earthworm above…

Then we might get some little godlets!

But, where are they?

Surely 13.8 billion years since creation has been long enough?

Are those pickup owners who display a fish sign on the tailgate with a plastic scrotum dangling under the bed of their vehicle trying to suggest that their god is well hung?

Of course, it’s possible that your god is hung like a donkey, but sterile like a mule…

That wouldn’t be a good advert for your god’s claimed abilities and perfection though…

This is a particularly pertinent question at this time of year…

Jesus, “Mummy, where do babies come from?”

Joseph, lounging back into his Lay Z Boy, opening a bag of popcorn, “Yes, Mary, where do babies come from?”

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