Here’s a Revolutionary Idea…

Here’s a Revolutionary Idea… December 24, 2020

Conservative American pastor Franklin Graham warned Christians that LGBTQ people are planning on “pushing their godless, secular agenda” when Joe Biden is inaugurated.

We hear that sort of thing a lot from politicians of all flavors.

Instead of telling us what they themselves will do if we vote them into office, they prefer to make up stuff about what their opponents ‘will do’ if we put our mark for them on the ballot paper.

This is particularly noticeable in the USA where it’s not just politicians who are given a microphone but also the politicised clergy. 

We don’t have that in the UK. Our religious leaders don’t overtly proclaim their party affiliation. In fact, once elevated to the House of Lords, Bishops are no longer entitled to vote in General Elections. And it is considered unconstitutional for the Royals to vote.

So, although the UK is technically not a secular state, in practice, religion is fairly well separated from government. 

So what’s my revolutionary idea?

Instead of one side telling us, in their opinion, what the other side will do if elected, why don’t we just ask them?

“Joe, as a churchgoing Christian, are you planning to push a ‘godless, secular agenda’?”

Indeed, does ‘secular’ actually mean ‘godless’?

As someone who has actually chaired ‘hustings’ where politicians are questioned by an audience in election campaigns, I can say that I strongly disapprove of political strawmanning.

Image by Cornstalker – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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