Apologies January 12, 2021

Apologies for the interruption to service. I’ve been hospitalized in agony with an 8.5mm kidney stone, still not resolved.

As you can imagine, this affected the launch of the Ask an Atheist show and the Global Atheist News show originally scheduled for launching on Saturday 9th January 2021.

Fortunately I have lots of posts ‘in the can’. This is a reminder of what to expect when I’m back in the saddle…


Christians and Muslims often claim that morality is owned by their god and is objective, by which they mean inflexibly ‘carved in stone’, rather than subjective, which they see as merely a matter of spontaneous whim.  That’s not just a false dichotomy, it’s entirely the wrong way of thinking about the matter.

They like to claim that we a-theists must be immoral through not having their godly foundation* for our behavior, and they ask how can we know that it’s wrong to rape a baby!

Ignoring the insult implied in that question, I show why I think this is an incorrect paradigm in this 3.5 minute video – just click on the pic.

What do you think?

The Ask an A-theist show focuses on Morality in the near future, hopefully next Saturday, to be confirmed.

You can join Chris Atlee and I on the show either by text or on camera.  Chris knows the Bible because he trained to be a Pastor, and I can give evolutionary explanations.

Whether you are a believer, an a-theist or having doubts, you will be welcome.

The A an A show will be on Atheist Alliance International’s YouTube channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqyZa-PAPMzTU21xufNpf_g

and on AAI’s Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/AtheistAllianceInternational

We go live at 09:30 UK, 21:30 Sydney and all timezones in between.

See you there!

* not any other ‘godly foundation’, of course…

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