A-theism: Our Birthright

A-theism: Our Birthright January 3, 2021

It is inarguable that we are all born without a religion.

Let’s face it, at birth, our brains haven’t even learned how to use our eyes yet, so there is no way we can have mastered an ideology!

After all, nobody in their right mind claims that we are born with an affiliation to a political party do they?

It’s what happens next that matters…  Somebody fills our heads with nonsense, that’s what.  They do it in an attempt to subserviate us under their control.  It begins when we are infants and our parents, teachers and clergy may threaten us with Hell if we are not well behaved…

They try to take away our birthright to a-theism.

We know it’s nonsense, because there are different types of this nonsense – thousands of different religions: they can’t all be right (but they CAN all be wrong).

And we know it originates in culture because the different faiths originate in different locations, from which they spread like a contagion.

Which type of nonsense you get inducted into merely depends on the society you find yourself born into.
Religions are a geographical accident, unless you are one of the few people who have surveyed the entire menu of faiths and made an informed choice to adopt one yourself…  Are you?  Be honest…

Think about this: does a kitten get indoctrinated into a belief system by a missionary cat?


So let’s leave our kids alone!

Indoctrination is child abuse!


Image: by tarotastic at https://www.flickr.com/photos/30674396@N00/3621956548

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