Angst and Egocentrism!

Angst and Egocentrism! January 4, 2021


Ignorance is not bliss.  Knowledge is comforting, it makes us feel safe, secure, and stable.  So, we strongly desire explanations and understanding: answers! 

It is unsatisfying to have to accept ignorance, and some people find that difficult to live with.

Obsessing about unanswered questions makes them into problems, which is bad for our health. 

If answers are not forthcoming, the temptation is to look for closure in myth.

When you put the desire for solution alongside two other human tendencies: egocentrism and hubris, you have a volatile mixture that can push a person down an irrational rabbit hole.

You can watch this in action in the video of a debate I had at Manchester University almost a year ago. My thanks go to the Islamic Education and Research Association for their excellent camera work and editing.

I’ve linked Imran’s 20 minute opening address to the image above, with my comments added in red text, just click on the pic to play.  

I liked my opponent. Imran Hussein is a gent, and the crew of students who hosted me were superbly hospitable.

I’ve watched that video many times and it’s noticeable to me that Imran managed to speak for so long without delivering a single relevant fact. See if you can find one… 

If you want to see a very different style, with the accent on information, watch my opening address here:

Imran courageously admitted that he had suffered from depression caused by mental struggles with his faith in the past, and was effectively an atheist at one stage…

So what strategy did he adopt to cure his condition? 

Did he investigate, conduct experiments, and gather observations? 


He read an old book. 

And how did he choose which old book?  

It’s my guess that he simply went for the one that is most revered in his culture.

You won’t find answers in old books – you will only find deeper ignorance.

Fourteen hundred years ago, when the Qur’an was written, America hadn’t been discovered, no-one knew about the periodic table of the elements, nothing microscopic had ever been seen…

Scriptures are where you find less knowledge.

They are not the place to look for a greater understanding than we have today.

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