I’m Back!

I’m Back! January 14, 2021

Well, out of hospital anyway…  There’s still some distance to go but I can get to my desktop so I will start making trouble again!

First, let me pay a big tribute to the UK National Health Service.

Those guys are fantastic, I was looked after and treated by various experts of many different ethnic origins from most continents – a British hospital is as global as Atheist Alliance International!

And it’s FREE!  Of course I paid into it for all my working years… And tomorrow I get my COVID-19 vaccination.  Perfect.  Thanks NHS.

Back to my ‘mission’…

I’ve been engaging theists in discussions about ‘Morality’ recently, see my short video here   https://youtu.be/i17sbgVyt90

Intellectual dishonesty at its finest… The Moral Argument isn’t predicated upon moral knowledge in any fashion like you’ve shown here…The moral argument from a more philosophically sophisticated perspective would be one that doesn’t place any emphasis on inherent moral knowledge regardless of personal belief but that moral oughts and duties are apparent through a rationally devised enterprise. The moral problems among humans are too much and thus moral facts and duties such as it is “good” to exist (since existence IS a predicate) or that it is “good” to survive; we cannot assume moral facts are grounded in a human source of rationality, that grounding of standards is what we call objective morality, objective morality is best explained through a theistic lense. It’s as simple as this… The Moral Argument > The Argument From Moral Knowledge Journalism…also the gun statistic section display perfectly your misuse of logic by applying a correlation-causation fallacy blatantly. Next time tho, please make sure to atleast talk about the right argument before you make up false premises. Bless your soul❤
Thank you for your interest. A philosophically sophisticated perspective is all very well but is still just thought.
Thought is outranked by observations as the Renaissance philosophers found when they created Natural Philosophy in response to the discovery that some thoughtful explanations turned out to be wrong.
‘Moral oughts and duties are apparent through a rationally devised enterprise’ is a claim of a purely subjective nature like all devised enterprises rational or otherwise.
It’s no more ‘good’ (or bad), to exist than it is ‘good’ for fuels to burn in oxygen.  It’s just an observed reaction.  Assigning a value to it is merely an expression of human arrogance.
I made no claim of causation from the correlation between killings and religiosity, in fact I stated the very opposite – that there are ‘other reasons for lawlessness of course’.
Nevertheless correlations are often worth investigating, especially when they pile up on one another, like the observation that children raised in families where the parents abuse each other are more likely to grow up with behavioural difficulties, which fits with veterans experience of PTSD.

My soul?  I’ve just had Xray and CT scans, they showed no such organ…

Ask an Atheist show

We had to postpone the first Ask an Atheist last week due to my health problem but it’s on for this Saturday, 16th January 2021 at 09:00 UK, 22:00 Sydney time and all time zones in between.
It will be live-streamed on YouTube channel Atheist Alliance International  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqyZa-PAPMzTU21xufNpf_g
and Atheist Alliance International Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/AtheistAllianceInternational
‘Nearly Pastor’ Chris Atlee and I want to try to focus on the subject of Morality and are willing to discuss it with you whether you are an a-theist, a theist or having doubts.
If you want to be sure to get your question dealt with, email it to secularworld@atheistalliance.org
Otherwise, just join the show and post it in the chat.

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