Two New Shows Starting Saturday!

Two New Shows Starting Saturday! January 5, 2021

As promised, we are launching two weekly shows on Saturday 9th January 2021.  They will both be streamed to the atheist alliance international YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Ask an Atheist goes live at 09:30 UK, 20:30 Sydney time and at all timezones in between.  It is a live interactive show for viewers to ask questions and get immediate answers.

We have Historian Chris Atlee to deal with your questions about ancient scriptures and ex Science teacher John Richards to handle queries of a scientific nature.  You can simply join and ask your questions in the chat or, if you want to send in your questions beforehand, just email them to

Global Atheist News goes live at 21:00 UK, 16:00 EST, 12:00 PST and 08:00 Sunday in Sydney on the same platforms.  This show provides an update on happenings of interest to atheists around the world. Our reporters on every continent, except Antarctica, are selecting items from their locality for your information.  Click on the pic for a trailer. (link also here: )

If you have some news in your part of the world that you think should be included, please email me:


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