“You Can’t Say That, We Would Have To Kill You”

“You Can’t Say That, We Would Have To Kill You” January 26, 2021

That’s what Sadia Hameed’s mother said to her when Sadia revealed that she no longer believed in Allah.

Just let that sink in for a moment and try to imagine your mother saying that to you… Or you saying that to your children…

This is the horrific threat that a great many children in Islamic societies experience. Having an upbringing in constant fear of death unless you submit to adult control, results in one of two possible outcomes.

You either grow up into a cowed person with no self confidence or self esteem – a psychologically damaged individual, or you become a rebel who strikes back at the system.

Muslim theocracies go to great measures to prevent the rebels but, for Muslims born in ‘Western’ democracies that route is a possible option.

Sadia was born in the UK and she set herself the task of fighting for freedom of speech.

It’s ridiculous to think that in several countries, women are kept, to all intents and purposes, as pets. They are not allowed to leave home without a male escort, which could be their father, brother, husband or son. When they are outside the house they must be covered from head to toe in a portable fabric cage: the burqa or, in slightly less fundamental societies, they must wear a veil to hide the beauty of their face or hair for fear of setting off men’s ‘uncontrollable lust’!

Worse still, in legal cases, a woman’s word is valued at only half that of a man’s. This is the extreme level of second class citizenship that is imposed on half the population. Camels sometimes get more respect and attention.

So Sadia’s mission is a very valid and necessary one, although it’s not been without cost on her part. Some of her family and friends no longer recognize her as a worthy person. This is the price that she has had to pay for kicking back at the faith she was raised in. It’s important to remember that we are all born a-theists and that a religion is imposed on us by the control freaks in our community.

See the video of our interview here:  https://youtu.be/c_F_bklWxqQ

I wish Sadia every success.

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