Do You Want To Avoid Buying Snake Oil?

Do You Want To Avoid Buying Snake Oil? February 5, 2021

Gwyneth Paltrow makes it easy for you.  She calls her company ‘Goop’.  Goop is not a scientific word.

And it, probably intentionally, sounds like ‘gloop’, the non-Newtonian solid made from cornflour and water for kids to play with.

Antibiotic is a scientific word and so is vaccine.  Goop is not a scientific word and that’s a clue! 

This is not just about medications, it can apply to clergy too – I wrote an article on ‘Telling Quack Preachers from Real Ones’ a couple of years ago here

So how do we tell the genuine from the fake?

We have to examine the information that we are given.  It’s not a good idea to believe everything we are told.   This is what I was trying to get across to Imran Hussein in that 2 minute video clip called ‘Testimony’ that I shared a couple of days ago, it’s here if you missed it.

We should beware – many people have an ulterior motive – they wish to fool us and benefit from their deception.

We have to start from a position of skepticism and check the verifiability of claims.

This is not easy…

Fortunately, Dr Stephen Law is coming to our rescue!

He has a great series of videos on Critical Thinking available here

There’s some free previews that give you tasters of the course…


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