Testimony Has No Value

Testimony Has No Value February 3, 2021


In my opinion, many religious people have an unreasonable willingness to believe what they are told.

This is the mentality that caused some to believe that the US Presidential election was stolen, leading to them storming the Capitol.

Many of these insurgents came from the evangelical wing of Trump’s core support.

It’s the same childlike trust that, back in 2016, enabled some electors to believe that Hillary Clinton led a pedophile gang located in the basement of a restaurant that turned out not to have a basement.

Testimony by itself has very little value, unless you want to take advantage of the gullible…

Testimony needs to be tested, and for that, it needs to be testable.

The picture and two minute video above come from an event last year in which Imran Hussein tried to make out that scientists accept testimony.

In fact, we don’t use the word ‘testimony’ in Science, and we have very stringent rules for writing reports.  We don’t even use the word ‘belief’ about scientific information, we say “The evidence indicates”.  Believing is only applicable when we don’t know.

You can see me explaining where it IS appropriate to use ‘belief’ in science by clicking on the pic or here  https://youtu.be/1y10XSO569k

If you watch the experts talking about COVID-19, you will see them carefully stating what we don’t know about this new disease and describing how we are investigating to find out more.  Neither testimony, nor belief enter into it…

Let’s promote critical thinking and skepticism!


My thanks to the Islamic Education and Research Association for the video.



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