Tonight – Atheist Telly!

Tonight – Atheist Telly! February 6, 2021


Well, it’s ‘tonight’ in the UK!  Elsewhere it will be shifted forwards or backwards according to your own timezones… (20:00 UK, 15:00 EST, 12:00 PST)

We are trying to set up a regular weekend program of shows for atheist viewers, and it’s coming together.

Gather your friends, open the popcorn and have a watch party at Atheist Alliance International’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, or on Atheism UK’s Facebook page.

The event starts with Global Atheist News at 20:00 UK.  This is our review of incidents around the world that have happened during the week and that may be of interest to non-believers.  The show focusses on items that don’t usually make it to the ordinary news but that highlight the impact of religious thinking on people across the world.

Then there’s a pause for you to replenish your glass and that’s followed by a show that you can join in with live!

Ask an Atheist at 21:00 UK, is an opportunity to hear the views of, and to question non-believers.

We have a different guest each week, last week it was ex-Muslim, Harris Sultan and tonight it’s ex-Christian, Tavian Oladapo (pictured above – click on it to see an interview).

Here’s the schedule going forward:

13th February:  Secular Jew, Max Kammerling

20th February:  ex-Pentacostalist/Baptist Matthew Sabatine

Then it will be Harris Sultan’s turn again, but we have to shift to Monday to suit his commitments.

Happy viewing at the following sites!


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