A New Queer Jewitch Tarot Deck: The Hidden Light by Oli StarFrosting

A New Queer Jewitch Tarot Deck: The Hidden Light by Oli StarFrosting May 8, 2016

Friends! I’m floored to announce that a new Jewitchy tarot deck is in the works, and you can preorder your very own copy right now!

From tarot veteran Oli StarFrosting, the deck’s author:

An elemental, fey, Jewitchy, & subtly spellbinding Tarot deck with a zinester aesthetic: queer, feminist, DIY, & viscerally magical. Created through collage and multi-media pen, ink, and paint work, the cards themselves enact the divinatory process of Tarot— taking what’s there to assemble and discern rich meaning. The cards hum with raw, lively power.

The Hidden Light Tarot draws from traditional decks in its structure but sheds their hierarchical and patriarchal inheritances in favor of queer and immanent perspectives. Informed by witchery and Jewish mysticism, the spiritual themes of the cards are articulated in earthy, cosmic imagery that conjures wider tides of contraction, expansion, concealment, and revelation.

This deck is a tool for intimate conversation with the seen and unseen dimensions of life: for divination, meditation, and magic.

Feast your eyes on these draft images:

Image: a woman's neck wearing a pearl necklace, with a thumb in the frame.
The Priestess
Image: a sailor lowering an anchor with someone in the water; in the bottom corner, a man eats a sword.
The Lovers
A star hovering over the horizon, with a path leading toward it.
The Star

You’ll find Oli’s Kickstarter page here. The deck will come with an explanatory zine. I, for one, am chomping at the bit to get my hands on one!


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