Story Telling Is Neat

Story Telling Is Neat April 28, 2016

The diner was mostly empty. The lone non-staff member inside of it was busy on her phone, playing some game perhaps “Dueling Dragons” or “Slime Simulator 2016”, and she was quiet. The lone staff member, a teenage boy, was debating whether or not he should go and get the potential customer’s order. The reason why he was concerned would be obvious to anyone who had lived in the town for a few years. The woman, who was busily tapping her phone, had a tattoo visible on her hand, and on her neck. It was a sinister looking tattoo. A tattoo which indicated that she wasn’t human. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash's  Med Badr Chemmaoui
Photo Credit: Unsplash’s Med Badr Chemmaoui

In 2010 an extraordinarily controversial law was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. This law managed to last for close to 7 years, and was one of the few measures meant to mark inhuman citizens which had gotten signed by President Lawrence, because it didn’t call for “discrimination”, solely for “identification”. It declared that any and all inhuman individuals had to receive a full-body tattoo which enabled them to be clearly identified. As an apology, the government of President O’Henry offered to provide free tattoo removal. Many inhuman members of society had chosen to remove their tattoos but others made the decision to keep them, and to perpetually allow them to be seen as a promise that they’d never forget the U.S.’s decision to mark them as less than citizens. 

In the small town of Benedictburg Indiana, inhumans were viewed with suspicion and not a single inhuman citizen lived in the town. The nearby settlement, Hamilton, was populated almost entirely by inhumans and some of them even worked in Benedictburg. The town was at the center of a national conversation on contemporary discrimination against inhumans. Many of the local humans were eager to employ inhumans, and to sell them goods, but whenever the time came to vote, the humans would go to Hamilton, even now when during last year’s local elections the entire town voted early. Humans still went to the courthouse of the settlement in an attempt to “protest” inhumans exercising their hard earned rights. 

Children and teenagers in the town were raised by a variety of people, with a variety of religious beliefs and political views. This doesn’t stop close to 75% of the town from coming together to insult inhumans. Their diversity of opinion on a matter of issues, isn’t stronger than their collective hatred of monsters, spirits, demons, and magic-proficient humans. 

“Can you come take my order?” The woman asked, finally growing tired of the employee not coming to her. Mad at having been forced to wait for 20 minutes, she set down her phone and looked at the employee, annoyance radiating from her, so much so that the air itself began to change, growing darker, due to the energy coming off of the woman. The employee finally went to her, rationalizing that it was better for him to serve her and keeping his manager from being annoyed. 

I like writing. When I was younger I actually dreamed of being a writer (which is part of why I like to screenwrite). I am currently writing fictional pieces again for the first time in many years, all of which are considerably longer than this but typically with a similar basic setting. An alternative Earth where creatures out of mythology actually exist and have been known to exist by the public at large. In this “setting” about 4% of historical figures are or were actually mythological beings who had the power to look like humans. It’s a setting I like, and I think from time to time I’ll make posts where I write stories set in it. Let me know what you thought of my story!

I really appreciate that we live in an age where anyone with a story with tell can sit down at a computer, and type. And then they can publish their own works. I think it’s neat that men and women with the desire to do so could theoretically self-publish a novel and maybe even gain fame due to their work. This isn’t a great example of my typical writing, but I enjoyed it.

I hope you’ve had a good week so far! It’s been a long one for me, and next week I have 2 finals. Despite that, I’ll be here posting as often as I can. Let me know how you’re doing in the comments!

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