About Pope Francis

About Pope Francis June 26, 2016

You all by now have undoubtedly seen those articles talking about Pope Francis. But in case you haven’t, here is one. In these articles it is reported that Pope Francis said that the Church should apologize to gay people. If that is what he said, then I agree. But I have to wonder if this means he’ll apologize for attempting to block marriage equality in Argentina. I think that would be a great way to truly show the world he is serious when it comes to apologizing.

The Pope himself.
The Pope himself.

In case you have no clue why I say that, in Argentina in 2010, back when Pope Francis was just Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the man who would become Pope fought furiously against marriage equality. His words earlier today invoke warm and fuzzy feelings in many (and to an extent they should), but it is important to remember when his words didn’t echo so loudly what he did to oppose the advancement of equality. I want to be fair, and start this off by saying that he supported civil unions. But he also vocally and actively denied attempts to expand beyond civil unions. His support for civil unions is not something that should be ignored, but when he made statements which amount nothing short of allowing same-sex marriage is allowing Satan to “confuse and deceive the Children of God“, we shouldn’t be quick to cheer just because this man calls for the Church to apologize.  In case you want to know more about Francis’s rather confusing history when it comes to LGTB people and their rights, you can click here.

I am totally down for “The Church” apologizing for what it has done to LGTB people, and I think a quick and solid way to start would be for the Pope to show the rest of the Church how it is done, by apologizing to the LGTB community in Argentina. Oh and that time a senior Vatican official called the marriage equality vote in Ireland a “defeat for humanity”. Not to mention the incident which the article I just linked talked about where a Catholic Frenchman is denied the approval of the Vatican to serve as France’s ambassador to the Holy See. If Pope Francis wants the Church to apologize he has plenty of incidents to choose from.

Make no mistake about my opinion of the Pope. I truly believe he is progressive. I even believe he means (most) of what he says. But when it comes to LGTB people and rights, there are a lot of cases when he seems to forget his own record. I understand that marriage equality isn’t the biggest deal to many, including some members of the LGTB community themselves, but if he wants to lecture the Church about apologizing to groups the Church has discriminated against, it’d be wise and humbling of him to start off by apologizing for what he himself has said. I’d be happy to celebrate that. Even this, I’ll say is a “victory” but I won’t be celebrating it until the Pope himself shows his fellow clergy how to go about it by humbling himself and acknowledging that his statements were at least offensive.

What do you think? I appreciate the overall attitude of the Pope, but I would be ecstatic to see him truly show how much he means what he says, but acting on it.

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