Search Engine Optimization Questions

Search Engine Optimization Questions August 27, 2016

Hey gang! Been working on school stuff this week, so I haven’t been as free as I’ve been over the past couple of weeks. The first week of school, for me as a history major, is a bit crazier than my other weeks. I’ve had a fun week and I know that my senior year at UNCG will be a good one as I gain valuable experience and finish out my time as an undergraduate.

Image credit: Pixabay. The tree of social media.
Image credit: Pixabay. The tree of social media.

Today I mostly wanted to ask you all about search engine optimization. If anyone knows about search engine optimization, I’d love to know what you know. SEO has always been a bit of a mystery to me and I want to change that. I want to learn how to best master SEO, and use it to make my content as easy to access online as possible. I think that learning about this will be a vital skill for me, and that in doing so I’ll get closer towards one of my ultimate objectives: beginning to normalize irreligion in Latin America and empowering young irreligious Latin-Americans to be vocal and to be brave when it comes to normalizing irreligion. I want to engage in a real conversation, and in order to expand my audience and reach all of the people who want to partake in this conversation I need to come as close as possible to mastering how to optimize what some search engine optimization sites have called “organic” traffic. I use various social media sites, such as Facebook, BeVisible, and Tumblr, to share my posts which I think probably helps, but I know very little about SEO. Which I find frustrating. And I bet there are dozens of other bloggers who feel the same way I do.

Mastering usage of social media and gaining an understanding of things like SEO is an annoyingly vital skill for all bloggers and people who gain money from digital traffic. I understand this, but it is still a mystery to me what much of this stuff means, words like meta keywords, and canonical url, have very little meaning to me as I am right now. But I am challenging myself and working to learn more about this.

If you have knowledge of this stuff and don’t want to share what you know but have recommendations for places I can go to learn about this, I’d love that as well. Currently I am using searchengineland, which is as far as I can a decent first site.

Part of why I want to do this, is ultimately because I want to go into social media consultancy and work with all types of people. I don’t know anyone who learned social media skills in a higher education institution, which is part of the appeal to me. Many of the social media consultants I’ve met gained their skills and knowledge through experience and spent hundreds of hours researching this type of information and career. Which is what I’m beginning to do.

I’d love to hear any recommendations or thoughts that you have on this! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

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