Oh Boy: El Juan and Ateos

Oh Boy: El Juan and Ateos October 5, 2016

This was… an interesting video to watch. Among some of the points made by El Juan are:

“You talk about God more than a Jehovah’s Witness does. To say you don’t believe he exists seems contradictory.”

“You say you believe in science, when you don’t even know the periodic table or the formula for rectilinear motion. That is suspicious.”

“Lack of a belief in the Hindu gods, which is something most Latin-Americans also don’t believe in which is why we continue to eat cows.”

“Atheists don’t believe in any gods which exist in any religion, agnostics on the other end don’t discount that possibility but state that as of right now those are unproven claims.”

“Talking with an atheist is the same as talking with a Christian, a waste of time.”

From time to time I like to share videos made by Latin-Americans about atheists. This video was an odd one, because it was clearly humor based but I don’t know…I can see why people find it funny, but its humor seems to enjoy misunderstanding and stereotyping atheists. To be fair, in the very beginning it says the following: “The content of the following video is directed at an adult audience but not necessarily a mature one, who considers that life is a cruel joke. First comment.”

The profile picture for El Juan's Facebook page.
The profile picture for El Juan’s Facebook page.

I actually found some of his statements funny which is the main reason why I wanted to share his video. I am unfamiliar with El Juan and if any of his fans want to appear here and comment that’s cool. I’m curious as to what you all think of El Juan, especially if you’ve heard of him prior to this post.

If you want to check out more of his videos, here is a link to his YouTube channel.

As usual, let’s chat down in the comments section! I want to know what you think of El Juan and any other videos in Spanish talking about atheists and atheism.

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