Everyone’s Favorite Science Communicator Marco Arturo Responds To Insults

Everyone’s Favorite Science Communicator Marco Arturo Responds To Insults November 3, 2016

In case you don’t remember Marco Arturo he’s the kid who got internet famous by compiling all of the evidence that vaccines cause autism and showing it off in a neat little manila folder.

Well since the day he published that video he has since received probably hundreds of thousands of comments. Many of them are excited comments from people who care about health and medicine. Many of them are not. And because he knew that we’d enjoy listening to him respond to some of the sillier comments he’s gotten, Marco created a video responding to those comments. Because it’s on Facebook and evidently not on YouTube I don’t know how to embed the video itself, but here’s a link to the video so that you can check it out.

Marco's page cover picture.
Marco’s page cover picture.

Some of my personal favorite responses of his are: “Oh real research you mean like reading articles from organic/natural/gmo-free mommies online with headlines next to Bush did 9-11, how lizard-people control the government and of course how the Earth is actually flat and NASA and the government are lying to you all along? Yeah, of course.” (In response to criticizing Marco for not doing “real-research”)

“That’s 2 minutes of your life you won’t get to spew pseudo-science.” (In response to someone talking about how they viewed his original video and couldn’t get 2 minutes of their life back)

Despite my favorite responses being comical ones, the one that matters (and is far too short) begins at about 2 and a half minutes into the video and it’s where Marco points out the age when signs of autism are most known to appear and he also quietly points out that it’s insulting to conflate “vaccine damage” and autism. I wish he would have spent more time on this personally because it’s a serious problem with the anti-vax movement where they obviously suggest autistic kids are somehow damaged or broken. It’s also something multiple people have focused on in the past. Such as Jen Forsyth and Stuart Duncan.

I’m really happy I came across this video and if you haven’t liked Marco’s page, you totally should. He’s a cool kid and I look forward to seeing how he continues to advocate for science.

P.S.: Don’t expect a ton of posts like this where I briefly talk about videos (especially if I can’t link the . I sometimes do these types of posts for videos about atheism but I don’t particularly like doing posts this way. I wanted to do this post because I like Marco and because he’s a Latino who is passionate about science. That’s something that isn’t often seen by people who aren’t Latin-American and is something I want to challenge because I know lots of Latin-American kids and adults who are immensely passionate about science.

If you have a few minutes to kill and want to laugh take some time to watch Marco’s video! It’ll probably make you chuckle a little bit.

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