I Actually Made A Couple Of YouTube Videos This Weekend!

I Actually Made A Couple Of YouTube Videos This Weekend! January 8, 2017

All over North Carolina it snowed. In some places it snowed a lot. I live in Greensboro. We experienced a decent amount of snow starting at about 4 in the afternoon on Friday. I spent yesterday and Friday night with Jessica and we basically camped out in her apartment, only once venturing out to get some food and play in the snow. I spent a lot of time on YouTube as well watching some of my favorite YouTubers celebrate the New Year. It was pretty cool.

Personally I’m not a fan of snow. I was as a kid and as a younger college student but this semester all of my classes are online so I have a 0% chance of a snow day being beneficial. Plus last February I was walking with Jessica after having gotten some food for dinner, on a day when the snow was melting  and slipped on an ice patch and didn’t get a concussion due to Jessica’s backpack which softened the landing and made it so that even though my head did touch the ice it did so very softly instead of as fast and as violently as it would have had Jessica’s backpack not acted like an impromptu cushion. Yesterday I was very cautious when we were outside in the snow and actually somewhat enjoyed myself. I only almost slipped once because I was vigilant as heck, and was careful to do my best to spot what was even possibly ice. It was actually fun. We were outside for less than an hour and a half because I still don’t really like snow and ice, and because Jessica is sensitive to the snow. What have I done with my time? Made YouTube videos!

In an earlier post I talked about how I planned to make more YouTube videos during 2017. I’m happy that I’ve actually stuck to this goal to an extent. So what sort of videos have I made so far? Let’s check them out.

YouTube Video #1: Generic Video Talking About My Schedule.

I have very little to say about this one. It’s just a basic video where I talk about how I plan on creating more content. Nothing special here, but if you like my writing and want to check out a video of mine here’s one you could definitely check out.

Video #2: Real Video Talking About Latin-American History

I am actually proud of this video. Not because it’s complex or anything (because it isn’t), but because I said I was going to make more videos and this is the first one that I consider to be a real video. In this video I explain that I plan on making videos talking about Latin-American history, and I ask viewers to let me know about their interests in Latin-American history, episodes they would like to know more about, and formats they are comfortable with using to learn about Latin-American history (by “formats” I mean whether they like to learn about things through videos, blog posts, or even memes). If you want me to create content that incorporates your opinions and learning styles interacting with me on here and on the YouTube videos is key because if you do I can guarantee I’ll take what you told me into account when I begin to make the content I talked about in this video. P.S.: I don’t talk in every single video I make, in some of them I communicate by using Google Slides and writing down what I wanted to say, instead of using my voice and face. If you want to see those types of videos let me know!

Image credit: Pixabay
Image credit: Pixabay

To me YouTube is an interesting place to upload content because in it I think you’re more likely to find neat content that doesn’t by definition agree with your views, than you are when it comes to stuff like blogs. I’ve definitely watched more content that I disagree with, rather than reading said content, and it’s allowed me to expand my views. I didn’t first gain an interest in atheism and irreligion because of blog posts but actually because of videos. It was in listening to the arguments of the people that I once disagreed with that caused me to question my position. One day I hope to be one of the people who encourages believers to listen to the other side, through video making and writing on places like this. If you want to check out my video content I’d really appreciate it! I’m trying to become a regular YouTuber and to gain an audience on a new location, in addition to the small audience I’ve gained here on Patheos.

I hope everyone is having a great day so far, and if you live in a place where it’s snowed like I do, please stay safe!

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