Dodie Clark Tackles The Way Media Covers YouTube

Dodie Clark Tackles The Way Media Covers YouTube February 26, 2017

I’ve mentioned Dodie Clark in another article, only briefly, but she deserves to be talked about far more. In her latest video for Vedif (vlogging/videos every day in February) Dodie (Dorothy Miranda Clark) talks about the way more traditional media outlets have talked about YouTube and she responds to some of the hate she’s seen from more traditional media outlets towards YouTube and YouTubers in general. It’s a pretty cool video and I wanted to take some time to talk about it.

Dodie Clark sent a smart message to traditional media today. I hope traditional outlets listens to her. Image credit: Pixabay
Dodie Clark sent a smart message to traditional media today. I hope traditional outlets listens to her. Image credit: Pixabay

Traditional Media And YouTube:

What Dodie is talking about are articles like these: “The highest paid YouTuber makes millions opening toys“, and “This Guy Makes Millions Playing Video Games on YouTube“. These articles focus largely on what they undoubtedly view as “negatives” of YouTube fame and aim to vilify YouTubers and include sections like:

The YouTube personality with the most subscribers isn’t Justin Bieber (8 million) or Rihanna (12.5 million). That honor goes to a 24-year-old Swede named Felix Kjellberg, better known by his YouTube handle, PewDiePie.

-Christopher Zoia

In his videos, PewDiePie laughs, swears, and goofs around as if he were hanging out with his best friend. But 23 million people subscribe to his YouTube channel.

-Christopher Zoia

What Dodie highlights in her video is something that many articles that try to discuss YouTube and YouTubers don’t understand. YouTube can help save lives and not just because YouTube can grant people employment and enable them to make money in a very unconventional form of employment. YouTube can enable people who feel alone to not so feel so alone. Some YouTubers are keenly aware of this, such as Markiplier who has reacted to videos made by his fans.

YouTube can and does save lives and rarely does traditional media react to this despite the reactions of traditional media to things like “YouTube Drama” and “YouTube Controversies“. Dodie would like for media to shift its focus from hating on an unconventional medium and provide more nuanced coverage of YouTube and YouTubers. Her examples are excellent but there’s also even more heavy reasons for traditional media to provide nuanced coverage of YouTubers. As an example look to Honduran YouTuber Ana Alvarado (“Lipstickfables”) and her campaign to raise 25,000 dollars for a poor family in Honduras.

Ana Alvarado took it on herself to make a family’s life better and created an online campaign to do so. This deserves coverage and not just from Spanish media. YouTube is a platform that contains more than just controversy and dollar signs. It also contains remarkable creatives, who do hard work every day and use YouTube to create real change both in local communities and on larger scales.

Dodie Is Right About YouTube And Traditional Media:

YouTube is a nuanced platform and YouTubers deserve nuanced coverage. When high-profile YouTubers are involved in controversies there’s an extent to which this should be covered, but when YouTubers do remarkable acts only possible because of their audiences they deserve coverage as well. Traditional media cannot solely tap into the dislike some people have for YouTube. It also needs to tap into the enthusiasm many people have for YouTube, including celebrities who came from YouTube like Rachel Bloom, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lily Singh, and more. Traditional media outlets are almost undoubtedly harming themselves by focusing largely on what they perceive and cover as negative aspects of YouTube, and mostly ignoring positive aspects of YouTube and positive work done by YouTube.

Traditional media outlets would be wise to listen to Dodie. I hope older media outlets can learn from Dodie’s video and pay attention to it as they plan coverage around YouTube in the future.

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