Honduran Pastor Says Authority Cannot Be Given To Nonbelievers

Honduran Pastor Says Authority Cannot Be Given To Nonbelievers May 30, 2017

I’ve mentioned before that I always pay attention to Honduras. It’s my second home and a country which I write a lot about. Among  some circles in Honduras I’m known a lot of different ways, most likely as an obnoxious outsider with lots of opinions. But I’m not as obnoxious as the pastor I’ll be talking about today in this post. His name is Evelio Reyes and he’s got a really stupid opinion about something really important and really stupid opinions about lots of very important topics for Honduras’s future.

This fake pastor makes a lot more sense and is a lot less vitriolic than pastor Reyes.
This fake pastor makes a lot more sense and is a lot less vitriolic than pastor Reyes.

Pastor Reyes And His Stupid Claims:

The pastor is the head of the Vida Abundante Evangelical church and was the subject of a news article which appeared on La Prensa earlier today. In this article he claims that “Christian thinking and the Christian vision for society are irreconcilable with the Marxist mentality and the new left”. This is a stupid claim because even in Honduras Christians vote for the left ALL THE TIME, and globally Christian communists exist.

The pastor also calls on voters who are Christian to not vote for people who “don’t appreciate natural marriage, who want to decriminalize abortion, and those who talk about distributing wealth who others produce and attack private property and free competition”. One of the sillier claims here is the one about distributing wealth that others produce because taxing people is by definition taking wealth that others produce and distributing it to others. Does this guy not believe in taxes? Or he is a Honduran libertarian?

The thing that really got me frustrated was that this pastor predictably called on voters in Honduras to vote for Christians. I don’t know if there’s any non-Christian politicians in Honduras, but if there are they’d be brave to be publicly non-Christian even if they aren’t atheists. His exact words were: “We cannot give authority and sovereignty to those who don’t believe in our God, who don’t hold his word in their hearts, which to us is the gift of faith. We cannot vote for those who live in disorder, who want to install disorder in the street, we cannot live in that disorder. We’ve got to eagerly participate and not commit suicide by vote.”.

The current administration was voted in by people like Pastor Reyes and his followers. The administration which refuses to decriminalize marijuana despite the positive effects it’d have for cancer victims. The administration of former President Lobo was voted in by people like Pastor Reyes and his followers, the administration which saw the criminalization of abortion and the disasters that that’s caused with young girls in Honduras committing unsafe abortions through a dangerous medication meant to treat gastritis.

Despite what pastor Reyes would like his followers to believe, non-Christian politicians would do fine for Christians. In fact non-Christian politicians would be less likely to have the prejudices which help perpetuate the marginalization of various groups in Honduras, most notably the LGTBQ+ community in Honduras. But this silly little man cannot stand the idea of anyone else have any bit of power in Honduras so long as he and his followers can help it.

If You Want To Hear More Check Out This Video:

In this video the silly pastor makes most of the claims I wrote out here. It’s just that in the video you can see him saying what I wrote.

Honduras’s general election is in November and it will be a highly charged election for a bunch of different reasons, some of those reasons include an emerging alliance of left-leaning and left-voting and centrist parties coming together to oppose the current president of Honduras, and that the current president is running for reelection. If you want to keep up with it you can check out the digital newsgroup I run named The Honduras Report.

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