Netflix’s Bright Could Be The Next Great Urban Fantasy Movie

Netflix’s Bright Could Be The Next Great Urban Fantasy Movie July 21, 2017

Netflix has an ambitious project in the works in the form of Bright. Starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, the newest trailer for the Netflix original movie creates an intriguing and supernatural modern world where humans mix and mingle with a variety of magical beings including orcs, elves, and fairies. Before we continue any further check out the trailer for Bright which was uploaded yesterday to YouTube.


Netflix original Bright is definitely going to be interesting. I sure hope it'll be good.
Netflix original Bright is definitely going to be interesting. I sure hope it’ll be good.

Bright Creates A Mature Urban Fantasy Universe:

As a writer whose first love when it comes to writing was urban fantasy, that is to say fantasy set in a urban setting, Bright is extraordinarily fascinating to me. Bright stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as a pair of cops, human and orc respectively. Will Smith’s character is named Scott Ward and Joel Edgerton plays Nick Jakoby who is, at least according to the Wikipedia page of the movie, the first Orc cop.

Scott is a no nonsense cop while Nick his rookie partner is equipped with quips about what he learned at the academy and superstitious musings about how they might characters in a prophecy. The trailer reveals elements of the story including Tikka (played by actress Lucy Fry) an elf who possesses a wand, which in this universe appears not to be a conventional tool used by magic-users but rather a stunningly powerful item capable of granting wishes and bending reality itself to the whims of those who are capable of using it.

Bright so far reminds me at least a little bit of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter a popular urban fantasy series by Laurell K. Hamilton. It also reminds me very vaguely of a gritty and edgy Zootopia, which I am down for if I’m being totally honest. I love the idea of a modern world where humans mix and mingle with other beings who can communicate clearly with us and play a role in our society openly. This trailer has got me even more excited about this movie than the teaser trailer did in February.

Not a tremendous amount of information is readily available about Bright yet but I like what I see so far. Also worth noting is the fact that this is directed by David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad. I know lots of people didn’t like Suicide Squad but I’m very interested to see what David does now that he’s not operating inside of a conventional film studio environment and has what might well be a zany script in front of him.  I want this film to be a success and for it to encourage Netflix to produce fascinating original films and shows that breath life into stunning urban fantasy universes.

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