Democrats Need To Stop Considering Backing Anti-Choice Politicians.

Democrats Need To Stop Considering Backing Anti-Choice Politicians. August 7, 2017

Democrats across the country have been reported at least beginning to consider welcoming anti-choice politicians who identify as otherwise Democratic. This is bad news and a firm message needs to be sent to both anti-choice politicians and the Democratic Party institutions which are considering backing them by voters that this is unacceptable. The Democrats need to understand and make it clear that reproductive rights are not things that they can afford to comprise on.

Parenthood should always be a choice. It's a shame the Democrats are considering backing anti-choice politicians.
Parenthood should always be a choice. It’s a shame the Democrats are considering backing anti-choice politicians.

Reproductive Justice Is Not A Minor Or Debatable Issue:

Anti-choice politicians oppose reproductive justice. This shouldn’t be a controversial statement to make but I know that pro-life atheists will dislike that statement so I’ll expand on it. Abortion isn’t the end-all be-all of reproductive rights but it’s important part of them and to deny women access to abortion some politicians show a lack of commitment to reproductive freedom and reproductive justice. When anti-choice politicians get elected and begin making it harder for anyone who needs one to get abortions they are forcing them to at least go through pregnancy, an expensive process and one they probably won’t volunteer to pay for themselves despite the fact that they are making someone go through that involuntarily. When the Democratic Party suggests they ought to back anti-choice candidates they are suggesting that getting votes matters more to them than the evilness of reproductive coercion. Democrats who back anti-choice politicians reveal that they don’t care about choice for their constituents be it politically or in terms of reproductive rights. Anti-choice politicians already have a safe home in the Republican Party but politicians who stand with abortion providers and support holistic reproductive justice don’t and by attempting to welcome “diversity of thought” into their party at least some Democrats reveal that they don’t care about justice or freedom as much as they should. Anyone who might one day need an abortion deserve to have a political party they know they can trust to not attack access to abortion. It’s a real shame that a political party like that doesn’t exist in the United States.

I am incredibly saddened to see that many consider women’s rights to control their own body as an issue that can be disregarded whenever it appears that it would be politically inconvenient to stand with women who want to legally be able to control their own bodies and safely end a pregnancy.

Backing Anti-Choice Politicians Is A Sign Of Weakness:

We shouldn’t compromise on issues that directly and objectively impact half of our population. It might not seem like a big deal now, even for some individuals who might need access to abortion one day but it’s weird to act like being boldly pro-choice is somehow a death sentence for someone’s odds of being elected. But if Democrats are worried about losing elections by running pro-choice candidates they should remember Kansas. The Democratic Party doesn’t need to run anti-choice candidates. If anything it being vocally and proudly pro-choice might empower and encourage its base, many of whom are pro-choice themselves and it might well end up with them getting support from pro-choice independent and maybe even Republican voters, who’ll felt alienated by both the Republicans and the Democrats beginning to abandon pro-choice individuals.

The Democratic Party would strengthen itself if it reaffirmed a commitment to women’s rights and it would embolden many of its supporters who like me felt and feel incredibly disappointed by some within the Party reportedly considering this cowardly move. This is not a minor issue and not one that can be minimized to being a “party litmus test” or otherwise considered to be a niche issue for a small part of the population. Some might try to minimize this but it’s important that it be acknowledged and taken as seriously as it ought to be. Women are not a special interest group and issues concerning their bodily sovereignty shouldn’t be treated as dismissively as they are currently being by some within the Democratic Party. Don’t mess around with this Democrats, stand firm with women and believe that you can win elections without compromising something so integral. Democrats have and Democrats will but this only plays into the hands of anti-choice activists and those who need the right to choose deserve better than to understand that both major political parties in this country even them and their issues as not worth fighting for.

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