Hispanic Secular Humanism And News: The Future Of Sin God

Hispanic Secular Humanism And News: The Future Of Sin God September 6, 2017

I want to take some time to write about secular humanism and news in Latin America and how that impacts the direction I’m considering taking this blog in. If that interests you I’d love for you to stick around and let me know what you think!

As a blogger I’ve covered a lot of different topics with varying degrees of skill and professionalism. That being said: I’ve not seen any writers consistently and professionally write about secular humanism from a Hispanic point of view (in English), despite the advent of numerous writers and activists talking about atheism, agnosticism, free-thought, and more from a Hispanic and/or Latinx/Latino/Latina point of view. It’s neat to see and read of individuals with a vaguely similar cultural background to my own but it’s a bit disappointing to not see anyone consistently tackle the topics that could easily lend themselves to being discussed by intelligent and compassionate Hispanic and Latin American secular humanists, at least not in English.

I've spent a long time using this as my focus. Now I'm going to gradually focus on secular humanism.
I’ve spent a long time using this as my focus. Now I’m going to gradually focus on secular humanism.

Writing About Secular Humanism And News From A Hispanic Point Of View:

In the future I want to spend more time tackling topics related to secular humanism, with a greater focus on the humanistic aspects as opposed to the secular aspects which received far more attention from me in the past. I want to become a writer who more consistently and skillfully tackles topics in which a humanistic approach is needed, specifically topics that are impacting Latin America and Latin Americans and Hispanics who live outside of Latin America. I think a good usage of my time would be to focus my time more equally on events in Latin America which ought to be discussed by secular humanists and are being discussed by secular humanists just not ones in the United States and often not in English.

In the past because of school and work I couldn’t sit down and do the research needed to write intelligent blog posts on events impacting Hispanic and Latin American people in Latin America so unless it was something big (such as the proposal in Chile to stop referencing religion during its congressional meetings) I didn’t talk about it. Now that I’m out of school and working a job that doesn’t pay me minimum wage I can afford to sit down and write more (which I’m sure many have noticed over the past few weeks).

I want to gradually go about transforming this blog into a place where atheists, agnostics, nonbelievers, freethinkers, and secular humanists can go to get their news related to skepticism and irreligion in Latin America from a reliable source that references other reliable sources, and who can intelligently talk about secular humanism rather than just talking about atheism and the mere lack of a belief in a deity. I want to make this blog a serious home for discussion related to ongoing political and social events in Latin America since I can compassionately and (at least from time to time) accurately report on topics that might otherwise be very difficult to research for non-Spanish speakers. I want to offer both my own carefully researched and considered opinions and enable individuals who read my work but can’t speak or read Spanish to have access to information by Spanish speakers that they previously didn’t have access to.

As a way of getting my readers to know more about various secular humanist groups in Latin America I’ll enable you to go directly to them!

Two Secular Humanist Groups In Latin America To Get You Excited To Learn More:

Here are two explicitly secular humanistic groups in Latin America that I’ve never mentioned before but deserve your attention. I encourage you to go check them out and follow their work on social media!

Humanistas Guatemala:

Sociedad Secular Humanista del Peru:

Do you have topics you’d like to see the blog tackle in the future as I work on using this blog more effectively and in a more focused manner? If you have topics you’d like to see covered here or recommendations on how I can become a more effective writer I’d love to hear them!

I am in the process of beginning to write far more seriously, comprehensively, and accurately. If you’d like to support my work as I gradually begin to move this blog in a more serious and professional direction you can always check out my Patreon and consider becoming a supporter of mine through there.

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