Drafts Of My Personal Mission Statement & Brand Identity Objectives

Drafts Of My Personal Mission Statement & Brand Identity Objectives November 15, 2017

Lately, I’ve been trying to be a far more serious and focused writer, content creator, and professional. Ever since I graduated from college, which was in May of this year, I’ve been working various jobs and been undertaking various roles in different organizations to increase both my personal opportunities and to become a more well-known and well-respected professional. Today I’m going to share the base goals or objectives for a brand that I eventually want to create using my audience and the things I’ve created online, and the very beginnings and rough version of what I eventually want to become my personal mission statement so that my readers can get a clearer idea of the sort of person I want to become over time and the things that I value.

I'm beginning to walk towards the creation of a focused brand and here is where I talk about what I want to accomplish in doing that.
I’m beginning to walk towards the creation of a focused brand and here is where I talk about what I want to accomplish in doing that.

Brand Identity Objectives Draft:

I want to create a brand that revolves around leaving people with more knowledge than they had previously. Whenever someone comes across something I had a hand in creating even if they didn’t know that I had a hand in creating it I want them to leave with more knowledge than they had before. Whenever I film a video I want viewers to finish the video knowing at least one thing that they didn’t know when they first started the video.

Another objective for my brand is to convince people that discussing history, religion, atheism, or whatever the central topic of the post or video is, is worth doing. I don’t just want to stick some knowledge in someone’s mind I actually want them to act upon and talk about that knowledge. I don’t think increasing someone’s total knowledge by itself does a whole lot for that person but rather that it’s best to infuse someone with knowledge and with a conviction to use that knowledge in their lives in some way preferably some way that motivates them to share this knowledge themselves.

One of the main objectives of my brand is for it to inspire nonbelievers to take religion seriously and to think about it critically, and by religion, I don’t mean just Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. I actually want to motivate people to read about all religious beliefs, not just the popular ones which is part of why I did and now once again do Mythology Monday’s. I also want to inspire believers to take other religions as seriously as they take their own and not to easily accept that all other religions are wrong and theirs is right but rather to carefully and thoroughly examine other religions with a skeptical and critical lens, including their own. An objective within this objective is to make it clear that atheism is a perfectly acceptable position and a valid one that doesn’t suggest anything negative about those whose position this is and to destigmatize atheism and atheists. This also includes showing the world that Hispanic and Latin American nonbelievers exist and to motivate us to step up our leadership in secular communities and to make us push for more secularism in our homes and in our countries.

Using my brand I want to make people take what are normally considered exclusively academic fields more seriously and for them to see those fields outside of the classroom. Specifically, I am referring to history and peace and conflict studies, which are two fields I am immensely interested in (and I have a degree in history and plan on going back to school for the sake of completing a degree in peace and conflict studies soon). I want to popularize both of these fields and use them and my brand to gain opportunities to truly improve people’s lives.

The final main objective for my brand is for it to be used to inspire objective social good. I want to use the platform and audience I have and will gain over time as I become a better writer, speaker, activist, scholar and professional to improve people’s lives objectively whether it’s by eventually helping organize scholarships or by encouraging the growth of critical thinkers, or by coming up with unique ways to combat poverty and reduce violence (since I’m very interested in peace and conflict studies and eventually going back to school to gain a graduate degree in peace and conflict studies before using those skills, qualifications, and that experience to work with organizations that seek to transform violent conflicts nation and worldwide into sustainable peace) and eventually use my personal brand to inspire others to do the same.

Personal Mission Statement Draft:

If I live a life that I’ll be proud of, that life will be devoted to improving the lives of others in a variety of ways. For me to live a life that I’ll be proud of I’ll have lived a life that made it clear that I valued increasing the knowledge of others, and inspiring them to live their lives honestly and without harming others. I’ll have used my life to spread peace and bring about an end to violent conflicts. I’ll have lived a life that made my values as a secular humanist who values the freedom of others and their ability to live creatively and happily clear even to people who never heard my name and only heard of or saw my work indirectly.

I will live a life that enables me to magnify the voices of those whose work I respect and value using technology and with that same technology constantly spread community-orientated critical thought and unselfishly inspire my audience, my community, and my friends, to do good and selfless work where good and selfless work is rarely done. I will work in places that value my critical thought and my firm opinions and in doing so use my narrative voice and my creative passions to help those who are at risk and who need and deserve assistance before they go down a path they cannot go back from. I will work with organizations that seek to transform violent conflicts and heal those who’ve been harmed by senseless hate and in doing so protect and improve the lives of those who’ve been forgotten or those who’ve been left behind by the forces and individuals that should be serving and assisting them.

If I live a life that I consider worth living it’ll involve the creation of and participating in things that are bigger than myself and that continue operating long after I perish. I’ll have created communities, businesses, and brands that value the time and energy of those who support them and in exchange give them knowledge, goods, and experiences that make them happy, knowledgeable, and rational, as well as compel them to value knowledge, the happiness of others, and to want to make this world a better place.

I can achieve these goals by becoming a more talented writer and content creator whose ambitions make me move closer to my goals each day and ensure that I consistently create new things that increase my audience and eventually improve their lives. I can achieve these goals by being tireless and by valuing the quality of the things I create as well as aiming to overcome my weaknesses as a writer and as a content creator, which I do every day by carefully examining my own work and seeing where it’s weaker.

Final Notes:

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday! I have a post scheduled to be released around noon tomorrow in which I share objectives to be accomplished before I turn 24, and in which I share some of the ways that people who want to help me achieve my goals can do so. If you enjoyed this post I sure hope you’ll check out that one!

I’m active on YouTube now for the first time in forever. I have my own video-camera and I’ve even started editing my own videos and creating my own thumbnails. This is a vital first step towards creating my brand as a writer and content creator and I hope you’ll consider checking out my videos! My videos are nothing fancy but I aim to steadily improve as a presenter and as a video-creator and I hope you’ll support me as I begin my journey down that road. If you want to see my latest video I’ll include it below this paragraph.

I am also stepping up my leadership within the HistComm (history communications, a field within the larger discipline of history specialized in advocating for history and making history’s various nuances as a field of study intelligible to the public) community and have done so by creating a subreddit for History communications! I’d love for you to come check it out and let me know what you think! It’s brand new but there’s some interest in it and I’m hoping other history communicators come to it and start posting soon.

If you liked what you read here and want to support me as I do this and have a dollar a month to spare, or even more if you’re feeling generous please check out my Patreon!

If you have feedback and want to help improve my mission statement and my brand objectives let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

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