YouTube Ideas, Objectives, Pals, And More For 2018

YouTube Ideas, Objectives, Pals, And More For 2018 January 21, 2018

This isn’t an article about YouTube’s changes. Others have talked about that better than I can and I’d rather you read their works instead (I don’t agree with many of YouTube’s changes, but I do understand where they are coming from as a company). This is instead an article specifically about my personal YouTube objectives and an article meant to get people to go check out my channel and the channels of the people I mention in today’s article. I just want to clearly outline my personal objectives for YouTube and talk about some YouTubers who create really neat content and at least, in my opinion, deserve more subscribers than they’ve got. One of these is a person I’ve met, and the other isn’t but is just someone who creates fantastic content. In the future I’ll probably do monthly highlights aimed at showing off neat YouTubers in a variety of niches whose content might appeal to people who read this blog.


YouTube Roundtable & Some Ideas For Those Considering Making A YouTube Channel:

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in a cool Google Hangout that was live-streamed to YouTube about the recent changes, their impact on smaller and in some cases more niche creators, and how to help smaller channels grow in size, influence, and viability as ways to make a living. In it, I was with Isethoriginal, The Geek Room, Deterlucem, PaulogiaTony Reed, Steve McRae (the host, and the founder of The Great Debate community), Scientist Mel, & Elite Skeptic (everyone here is a fantastic creator and deserves your support, even if you don’t limit my videos you probably will like at least one of their styles and content) and we talked about our experiences on YouTube. In this roundtable, I was the newest YouTuber (having created videos on & off since 2015, but only as of November creating videos with some level of consistency).

To get you interested enough to check out the live-stream here’s one of the neatest tips and/or tricks I heard in the roundtable for bold content creators: color code your thumbnails. This tactic is especially useful for atheists who want to address claims from various religions, or people who want to do something like create a fashion or cooking channel and want to talk about things from a wide variety of places. It’s a tactic I’m planning on incorporating into my own thumbnails.

Another tactic that was mentioned that’s really valuable was the usage of certain apps, programs, and sites designed to help YouTubers optimize their video’s visibility on YouTube. The biggest site that plenty of YouTubers (myself included) is TubeBuddy. If you join YouTube and you want to build an audience and one day generates revenue, you will arrive at that point in your YouTube career a lot faster using TubeBuddy.

Personal Objectives For My YouTube Channel:

My personal objectives for the YouTube channel that I’m creating are pretty simple: I want to educate people. No matter what I’m talking about I want to educate my viewers. I’m going to be refocusing my content on YouTube to revolve around that. I want to create focused content that talks about mythology, history, religion, and atheism. Not a whole lot of YouTube channels talk about atheism, religion, mythology, and history in a Hispanic and Latino/Latina/Latinx context which is what I want to do. I’m hoping that in doing that I can begin to develop my voice as an educator and improve my abilities related to content creation. I also want to excite people enough that they do their own research and formulate their own opinions even without me creating content, because what they learned affected them enough for them to want to do their own research and create new things themselves.

I want to use my voice, my knowledge, and my research to build a community of opinionated individuals who care about discussing both historical and ongoing events in Latin America and who want to know what Hispanic and Latinx individuals think of our history, our mythologies, and more. On Mondays, I want to create content revolving around Hispanic and Latin-American mythology (which is my Mythology Monday series), on Wednesdays I want to create content revolving around history, and on Sundays, I want to create content revolving around atheism and religion. I’ll also be doing uploads throughout the rest of the week, centered around Hispanic & Latinx content creators & creatives, and news from Latin America on Saturdays, including where I use footage & articles from Latin American news sources and discuss them in English for people who want to learn about Latin America.

One of the weird things that I’ve experienced in my time on YouTube is that the majority of my subscribers are Hispanics and Latinx individuals who are probably not atheists. I suspect that these are people who are interested in my Mythology Monday series, and who want to see more of that kind of content. I like this and am very happy that that kind of content generates views, but I think it’s strange that my atheistic videos and content gets considerably more views. I market both equally, and oftentimes to the exact same spaces so I wonder why it is that at least in my experience content related to atheism seems to have a more active viewership. I’d love to talk to others who like me create content revolving around distinct topics and themes and see if there are others who experience this as well. If you’re a YouTuber and you’ve experienced this let me know!

Here are three videos I’ve made that I really like that I made recently and for the sake of educating viewers:

If you like these videos and haven’t subscribed to my channel I think you should. It’d help me in terms of my metrics, and it’d make it so that you can get regular updates as to my uploads, as well as making it easier for others to see my content.

Other Remarkable YouTubers:

Rachel Oates:

This YouTuber from the U.K. is one of my favorite YouTubers and a fairly new YouTuber whose current account was created in late 2016. She’s a funny creator, someone who is unafraid to tackle Christian claims and content created by Christians both big and small. Unlike any other atheistic YouTuber, I’ve seen so far she tends to tackle Christian content with a kind point of view, but one that is unafraid to disagree and take apart claims bit by bit. I love it. The only other person I’ve seen do anything even remotely similar is perhaps Essence Of Thought, another fantastic YouTuber worth checking out. If you like atheists who know how to kindly disagree with Christians, and atheists who don’t use the Bible in addressing Christian claims (not that there’s anything wrong with doing that, but I know of atheists who aren’t fans of that), I recommend her channel. Her objectives as a creator appear to just be to have fun and to create content that she likes revolving around stuff that she enjoys and cares about. She does that very well, and lots of her content including her content that’s not revolving around atheism is well-made and she has great camera presence.

Tony Reed:

Tony Reed is someone who’s been on YouTube for a while, but his content is still criminally underseen. He is the voice behind the How Creationism Taught Me Real Science series on YouTube, and his content is gradually getting more views, but he’s still at only 5.3 thousand subs. He deserves far more, and despite the name of his series I promise you if you haven’t seen it it’s worth watching. Tony’s objectives are clearly stated and he does a better job of stating them than I could so just give his video a listen. I’ll only share one video of his because his main videos are a series. If you watch this video and you enjoy it you’ll enjoy the rest of his content.


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