Reviewing Sovereignty: Historical Fiction With A Fascinating Premise

Reviewing Sovereignty: Historical Fiction With A Fascinating Premise May 16, 2018

On the very first page of Sovereignty, a new novel by Australian author, veteran, and cult-survivor Rhys Hagan, Jesus of Nazareth questions the idea that money is the root of all evil. This is a smartly written and utterly remarkable novel which is an emotional journey that showcases the transformation of Jesus from a local and charismatic wiseman to a larger than life figure and the assumed leader of a massive religious movement sweeping Judea.

Sovereignty is a neat novel. I hope you go check it out!

What Is Sovereignty & Why Should You Go Read It?

This is a fairly new historical fiction novel from the author of Hunting Taylor Brown. Sovereignty explores an immensely controversial idea: that Christianity was born more out of greed and ambition than out of compassionate truth and a love so great that it was self-sacrificing. It’s an idea worth considering even if the way this specific premise makes it sound might strike us as far-fetched. Even if we acknowledge that the premise itself isn’t very plausible in the real world it absolutely makes for a page-turning read that introduces readers to a very human Jesus, and to Amphion, a Roman banker and one of the sons of a wealthy Roman family that is gradually losing its once significant influence. Amphion is offered a lucrative contract and at an initial glance it seems like little more than an impossible dream but he soon comes to a realization: if he can revive the local religion he can make more than he needs and solidify his family’s influence as well as secure his own personal fortune. The biggest question he and his family have, is how will he and they accomplish this?

The power and danger of money is ever-present in this novel as families are torn apart and beliefs are tested and even changed. Desperate masses searching for hope and for reasons to believe become followers of a compellingly written and all too human Jesus, and acts of evil are hauntingly brought to life, as is a scheme believed by many to once be the work of the Messiah. It’s also a reminder of humanity’s capacity for self-deception and the deadly power of someone or something capable of moving communities to action has.

And if you’re curious, I won’t spoil the book but there’s a real and compelling reason for the actions of Jesus in this book. It’s one that many of us would understand if we’d open the book and read it ourselves instead of making a snap judgement on it based off of our personal feelings about the subject matter.

What Is My Final Verdict?

Rhys Hagan has established himself as an intimidatingly talented author and as a moving storyteller with this work of fiction that can be read quickly since it’s nicely packed and is just 313 pages long. Sovereignty is a compact story that is intelligently and quickly paced. It’s a perfect story to read in breaks at work and on plane rides since you’ll either want to take breaks and contemplate the story you’re reading or you’ll want to devour it all in one sitting. Sovereignty is a moving story that touches on a controversial subject matter and does so with a level of compassion and skill that is enviable. I was lucky to have gotten this book to review and I cannot recommend it highly enough if you’re a fan of historical fiction. Even if you’re not, it’s intelligent language and it’s breakneck pace could make this worth reading to you. I welcome this book to the collection of books I have and have read, and I believe that most if not all of the people who read and enjoy this blog would as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, and on Amazon you can take a sneak peak yourself and decide if you’d enjoy it based off of that.

Reading Sovereignty won’t make you a believer in Jesus but it will most likely make you a fan and follower of Rhys Hagan. If you want to connect with him, go follow him on social media! To find him, go check out his Facebook, and his Twitter.

If you are interested in purchasing Sovereignty go over to Amazon and check it out!

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