Small YouTube Atheist Channels That Deserve Your Support

Small YouTube Atheist Channels That Deserve Your Support June 18, 2018

The purpose of this post is to share a handful of small YouTube atheist channels that create interesting and high-quality content. Each of the YouTubers featured here is a fascinating individual whose quality content has a small fan-base with less than 100 subscribers and each of these folks are people who in my opinion deserve far larger audiences. If you like the videos I share in this post the best thing you could do is to check out the rest of their videos and consider subscribing to their channels! My goal with this post is to get the first two YouTubers here to 100 subscribers, and the 3rd to 50 because the first two have larger audiences already and the third person here only has two videos already uploaded, but I’m happy just using my platform to introduce them to my readers.

I'm hoping that small YouTubers learn to see this image and love it in the future.
I’m hoping that small YouTubers learn to see this image and love it in the future.

1: Theomachy

V is a neat content creator. He’s a newbie who first came to my attention because of some shoutouts he got from medium-sized atheist channels. His content has a super neat and vintage looking style that many fans of older movies, T.V. shows, and VHS’s will be able to appreciate. That memorable style of his combined with his humor makes his channel easy to watch and lends itself to people watching all of his videos. Given that between all of the videos uploaded at the time of this post’s publication (aside from a livestream he made upon hitting 100 Twitter followers) you can blow through his entire channel in just under an hour it’s easy to decide to check out his content intending to just watch one or two videos and end up watching all of them instead. If you don’t believe me, check out one of his more recent videos.

If you want to continue to support small YouTubers in ways outside of subscribing to their channels you can also go follow them on Twitter. Here’s a tweet of V’s to make that easier:

2: Kimbly

The next person I’m putting in this list is an acquaintance of mine whose videos I’ve shared on my Twitter. Her name is Kim, and her channel’s name is Kimbly. She’s a game design student, Canadian, and an atheist. Her style of video and her choice of topics differs from video to video (and in fact, she’s started a second channel as well for vlogging and long distance relationship style content which can be found by clicking here for anyone interested) and it’s partially that willingness to create in different styles that got me interested in her videos in the first place. I enjoy watching them and I think many people who like my style of writing and some of the older videos I’ve made would probably be fans of hers if they knew about her.

Be sure to also follow her on Twitter!

3: Inordinate Refraction

Inordinate Refraction is a super busy college student whose first two videos are easily my favorite introduction to a content creator ever. She’s a physics student who is taking her time working on a full dissection and debunking of Lee Strobel’s “The Case For A Creator”, truly an impressive undertaking for any single college student but she’s out there doing it. Her work ethic is crazy and I’m happy to call her a friend of mine and someone who I believe will build an amazing platform within the global atheist community one day.

She might be a small YouTuber right now but her talent isn’t small and it will continue to grow beyond where it is right now. I love her simplistic and humorous editing and I know that many people who like what I create will also like what she makes. My intention is to help her build her audience and to get more people interested in her serious talent as a skeptic and communicator. She’s the newest person to join YouTube and the second newest to join Twitter of the YouTubers I mentioned in this list, and I believe once people know about the content she creates her content’s popularity and reach will explode so I’m just trying to help it along and speed up what I suspect is an inevitability.

To follow her on Twitter just check out this A+ quality gif usage of hers.

Supporting Small YouTubers:

I want to help all of the small YouTubers who I think deserve larger audiences. Each person in this post is someone whose content I enjoy and whose videos I watch daily, especially when they upload new things. I’m hoping that this post sends over some of the people who read what I write to go and watch them because they deserve it. I’d love to be one of the people responsible for them hitting their next YouTuber milestones. I’ll also be highlighting the work of both smaller and larger YouTubers whose work I like in the future and I hope that when I do, people who read those posts go and follow the people mentioned then as well. I want to work to make it easier for newer and/or smaller YouTubers to build audiences that empower them through my writing.

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