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The Book of Matthew

This new translation with commentary strips the Gospels of their theological agendas and reclaims them as a radically new way of imagining human life. It blends scholarship and pastoral guidance in an accurate, accessible translation with profound insights that, free of religious moralism and dogmatism, is beautifully imaginative and inspirational.SkyLight Paths Publishing

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A Religion of One’s Own

Explore the myriad possibilities of creating a personal spiritual style, either inside or outside formal religion.


The Guru of Golf

18 stories about the game of life, each set on a golf course, using golf as the root metaphor for many of life’s issues. The stories are subtle, funny and instructive.


Care of the Soul in Medicine

A book on how to make the practice and experience of modern medicine soulful. It addresses both patients and healthcare workers, taking the popular idea of the patient as a whole person deeper and suggesting ways to make a hospital and a medical center a place of soul and healing.

Writing in the Sand

A book on the Gospels for either Christians or non-Christians and especially conceived for those who have lost touch with Gospel spirituality. This is a radically new approach to the meaning of the Jesus Kingdom.

A Life at Work

Many books tell you how to get a job and work on your career. This book goes deep into a sense of calling, childhood influences, failures and setbacks and is all about finding your life work (may include hobbies, several jobs, or community service).

Dark Nights of the Soul

How can we talk about depression and difficult moments in life from the perspective of the soul? This book, widely read by people going through tough times, explores ways to deal with hopelessness and anxiety, trouble and loss, positively. It considers a dark night as a rite of passage.

The Soul’s Religion

This is religion seen from the deep perspective of the soul, rather than the spirit. The book explores various aspects of religious life for their deep meaning, apart from belief and traditional practices. It offers a way to take the spiritual life more deeply and to give ordinary life a sacred dimension.

Original Self

Inspiring interpretations of living with originality rather than conformity, presenting multidimensional portraits of the creative self and different angles from which to top one’s primal emotions and possibilities.

The Soul of Sex

A deepening of our approach to sex. This book responds to extreme and superficial kinds of sexual expression by showing the depth and significance of sexuality in ordinary life. It favors a more erotic culture, one that understands sexuality more deeply and in sacred terms.

Dark Eros

An exploration of sado-masochism in everyday life and culture through a positive reading of the Marquis de Sade. The book is aimed at psychotherapists but is accessible to a general reader. It’s purpose is to deepen our understanding and appreciation for the dark side of life.


The Education of the Heart

An anthology of passages from writers quoted in the previous three books. This is not just a reference book but a real education in the place of soul in daily life told through many authors who reject a secular, materialistic way of life.

The Book of Job

The Book of Job has long been considered the most challenging and controversial text of Western religion. Its simple yet powerful story–of a good and pious man inflicted with terrible pain and suffering–raises basic questions of faith that, to this day, resonate deeply within every living soul. Now in this special Riverhead edition, Thomas Moore, the author ofCare of the Soul, offers his unique perspective on one of the most central tales of the Bible.

The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life

Re-enchantment means the return of imagination, mystery and a sense of the symbolic and poetic to the natural and manufactured world. This book is very particular and concrete in showing how to make an enchanting world in a secular age.



Thomas Moore, bestselling author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates, draws on the twelve years he lived as a monk in this insightful book of a hundred one-page meditations. Interspersed with glimpses of the beauty and humor of the monk’s life, each page suggests a way of finding spirituality and nurturing the soul that can be applied in any walk of life.


Soul Mates

This book focuses on the soul issues in relationships. It elucidates the deep issues involved in intimate pairings, especially difficult elements like endings and jealousies. It also considers ways of deepening friendship, family life and community.


Care of the Soul

This widely read book introduces the idea of soul with reference to C. G. Jung, James Hillman and Greek mythology. It shows the need for soul in a secular world and the role of spirituality in caring for the soul.


A Blue Fire

A vitally important introduction to the theories of one of the most original thinkers in psychology today, A Blue Fire gathers selected passages from many of Hillman’s seminal essays on archetypal psychology.


Rituals of the Imagination

This widely read book introduces the idea of soul with reference to C. G. Jung, James Hillman and Greek mythology. It shows the need for soul in a secular world and the role of spirituality in caring for the soul.


The Planets Within

The Planets Within asks us to return to antiquity with new eyes. It centers on one of the most psychological movements of the prescientific age―Renaissance Italy, where a group of “inner Columbuses” charted territories that still give us today a much- needed sense of who we are and where we have come from, and the right routes to take toward fertile and unexplored places.

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