Become a SOULJOURNER – Offer Welcome to SOULJOURNERS

Become a SOULJOURNER – Offer Welcome to SOULJOURNERS August 21, 2013


To become a “certified SOULJOURNER”, visit 5 houses of worship/prayer of religious or spiritual traditions other than your own.  Report on the places and dates of your visits, and your experiences at these religious communities, in at least a paragraph per site.  Also, in at least two paragraphs per question, respond to any 5 of the SOULJOURN “Study Guide” questions.  Post all these reports and responses as one “comment” on the COMMENTS section of this blog, and you will receive an electronic “badge” certifying your status as a SOULJOURNER.  Anyone can become a SOULJOURNER!  It’s also useful as a curricular supplement in world religion, Sunday or Sabbath or other religious schools, or other courses. ((The “badge” can also be issued directly by teachers or other professionals in schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions: to do so, create an account at and use the SOULJOURNER badge via the Credly account of Jim Burklo.))

See this ETIQUETTE GUIDE for visiting houses of worship/prayer produced by the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding.  Some faith or spiritual communities will prefer it if you contact them ahead of time for permission to visit.  Many, however, will welcome your visit unannounced.  In many cases, consulting with the community ahead of time will increase the likelihood that you will have a rich and meaningful encounter.

OFFER WELCOME to SOULJOURNERS at your house of prayer/worship.   Upload this “welcome” image onto your website, and let visitors know that you welcome Souljourners to come visit your worship/prayer events that are open to the public, with our without contacting you ahead of time.  Note:  posting this image on your site implies that your congregation encourages your members to go on Souljourns themselves, to learn about other faiths.


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