About the Blog

Souljourn, the new novel by Jim Burklo, chronicles the adventures of Joshua T. Stoneburner, a young man who went on what he called a “souljourn.” His goal: to have a personal encounter with every faith tradition he could find.

Souljourn, the blog, invites you to follow Josh’s example and share your experiences as a “perfect stranger,” visiting faith communities of traditions other than your own.

You are invited to visit houses of worship, churches, temples, and spiritual centers and write “Dear Josh” letters reporting about your experiences, here. All submissions should be less than 600 words in length. Submission of photos is welcomed, too. All submissions are subject to editing by Patheos.com.

Each time you personally visit a new religious or spiritual site and report on it, you can collect a SOULJOURN “badge,” here. Ten “badges” certifies you as a an official SOULJOURNER! Educational and religious organizations are encouraged to use SOULJOURN as an interactive platform and curricular component for student learning about world religions and interfaith literacy.


About the Author

Jim Burklo is the Associate Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California. He is an ordained United Church of Christ minister and is the author of three previous books: Open Christianity,Birdlike and Barnless, and Hitchhiking to Alaska: The Way of Soulful Service. You can visit Jim’s website here.

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